Large Commercial and Industrial Distribution Service (GSD-3)

Large Commercial and Industrial Distribution Service – GSD-3 [82 kB PDF]

Distribution service for commercial and industrial customers who use at least 200,000 therms annually. MGE provides firm delivery of natural gas from the city gate (where an interstate pipeline connects to MGE's distribution system) through our facilities to you.

Service through one meter to an apartment building with five or more residential units also receives distribution service under GSD-1, GSD-2 or GSD-3 depending on the amount of gas use.

There is no minimum term length or contract needed for this service.

  • To start service, you must make a written or oral application to MGE.
  • Service can start any time.
  • MGE may require you to pay a deposit in accordance with guidelines established in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter PSC 134.

Gas supply and balancing service options for GSD-3 customers
Purchase gas supply directly from MGE or from an alternative (third-party) supplier.

  1. Natural gas supply from MGE: MGE purchases natural gas, contracts with interstate pipeline companies to transport this supply to our local distribution area and balances purchases with your usage using pipeline storage and balancing services. Learn more about: How MGE Buys Natural Gas

    MGE currently provides three service options to GSD-2 customers:

    • Firm Gas Sales Service (FS-1 [91 kB PDF]) MGE provides company-owned natural gas supply on a firm (not interrupted) basis. Choose this gas supply option for the entire service (full requirements) delivered under GSD-3 Distribution Service or for a nominated (selected) amount of daily service taken along with IS-1 or DBS-1 service. The cost of gas under this service changes from month to month.
    • Interruptible Gas Sales Service (IS-1 [87 kB PDF]) MGE provides company-owned natural gas supply on a lower-cost interruptible basis. MGE does not contract for firm interstate pipeline capacity to guarantee delivery of supply for IS-1 service, so customers taking this service are required to stop using gas when asked. As a result, IS-1 customers’ natural gas service charge is lower than the monthly FS-1 natural gas service charge. You must be able to interrupt all of the service taken under IS-1 (less your contracted FS-1 nomination). A contract is required for IS-1 service and special equipment will need to be installed at your gas meter site.
  2. Natural gas supply from a third-party supplier: You purchase gas from a different supplier. You then need an MGE balancing service because the interstate pipelines hold MGE accountable for the difference between what your supplier delivers to MGE for you and what you actually use (daily imbalances). The combination of distribution service with balancing service is often referred to as "utility transportation service."

We offer Daily Balancing Service to GSD-3 customers:

  • Daily Balancing Service (DBS-1 [147 kB PDF]) MGE balances the deliveries that are made by your third-party natural gas supplier with your actual natural gas use daily. A contract is required to for DBS-1 service and special equipment will need to be installed at your gas meter site.