Summary Billing for MGE Business Customers

Tired of receiving multiple MGE bills? Want to eliminate paper? Would you like your bills summarized for one convenient payment?

MGE's Summary Billing is a free service for business customers that consolidates your accounts into one bill:

  • Presented electronically
  • One due date
  • One payment

Summary Billing allows you to:

  • View your MGE bills securely online (see sample summary bill)
  • Eliminate paper bills—good for the environment.
  • Save time and money processing your utility bills.
  • Organize your bills by region, department, location, etc.
  • View 24 months of bill history online.
  • Pay online using My Account, our online billing and payment system.

To apply:

  • Email
  • Contact your MGE account representative or
  • Call 608-252-7007

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