Automatic-On Agreement (Auto-On)

Important Notice: To set-up automatic payments to Auto-On accounts, customers will need to sign up for Summary Billing.

MGE makes it simple for you to keep the lights on to show the unit after your renter moves out. With Auto-On, when a tenant moves, MGE automatically transfers the utility service to you.

  • You can start clean-up work immediately because the gas and electric services remain connected.
  • You can show the rental unit to prospective tenants.
  • You receive quicker notification if a tenant moves out.
MGE also offers an Automatic Lock Agreement option. (Auto-Lock) With this option, MGE automatically locks the utility service when a tenant vacates the premises. Auto-Lock means you won't get billed for energy use between tenants.

Auto-On and Auto-Lock agreements are available to:

  • residential and commercial property owners
  • landlords and management companies

Summary Billing makes automatic and online payments easy

We encourage our Auto-On customers to sign up for Summary Billing. With Summary Billing, you will receive just one bill per month that combines all of your accounts, with one payment amount and one due date. As your renters come and go, the corresponding gas/electric accounts flow seamlessly into and out of your summary bill.

Summary Billing customers are able to pay their bills online in My Account or use another convenient payment option. My Bill Pay also offers AutoPay, so that all of your Auto-On accounts will be paid on time, every time, without you needing to do extra work.

Multiple Payment Options

If you are registered in My Account, you are able to:

  • choose paperless billing
  • pay your MGE bill online through My Bill Pay
  • pay your MGE bill automatically through AutoPay
  • pay your MGE bill online using a debit or credit card
  • access even more billing and payment options

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