Energy Assistance

Households with low-to-moderate income may be eligible for help to reduce and/or pay their energy bills. Assistance is available through:

Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program

  • Help with paying your bill.
  • Help to weatherize your home from Project Home.
  • Available for the heating season (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30).
  • Limited funding, so apply early.
  • Dane County residents can start the application process through:
             Energy Services
             1225 S. Park St.
             Madison, WI 53715
             (608) 333-0333
  • Outside of Dane County

Focus on Energy

If your gross household income is between 60%-80% of the state median income, you may qualify for Tier 2 incentives through Focus on Energy. Tier 2 includes incentives for improvements to your whole home as well as improvements to your heating and cooling equipment.

Contact Focus on Energy at 1-800-762-7077 or visit Focus on Energy's website to learn how you can qualify.

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