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Madison Area 608-252-7222*
Long-Distance (Toll-Free) 1-800-245-1125*
TDD (for hearing impaired) 711
Automated Account Information 608-252-4700
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Emergency Service 608-252-7111
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Natural gas prices are impacted by factors including weather, supply, transportation and demand.

  • Cold winter temperatures impact the demand for natural gas, which can lead to price volatility. MGE uses several strategies to lessen seasonal volatility and protect our customers from price spikes during high demand:
    • MGE purchases extra gas during the summer when it is typically less expensive. That gas is put into underground storage for use during the winter months when demand and price volatility are typically higher.
    • MGE uses a Risk Management Program to buy a portion of its natural gas supplies. This works similarly to insurance, providing some protection from extreme price increases during the high-demand winter months.
    • MGE purchases natural gas from a variety of suppliers and with varying contract terms in order to secure the best prices for customers. Natural gas commodity costs are passed through to customers without markup. That means customers pay exactly what MGE pas for the gas itself.
  • Heating bills are tied to use. Everybody's use is different.
  • The best way for customers to control heating bills is to manage their thermostat. Lowering the temperature at night and when no one's home is the best way to curb your use.
  • Portable electric space heaters are a considerably more expensive way to heat your home than your natural gas furnace. See space heater reality check video.
  • Another way for customers to manage their bills in the winter is to sign up for our Budget Payment Plan, which reduces the impact of higher heating bills by leveling your payments throughout the entire year.
  • Customers having trouble paying their utility bills this winter should contact MGE at 608-252-7222. Customers who qualify may also want to contact their local energy assistance agency.

Budget Payment Plan

Our Budget Payment Plan spreads your energy costs more evenly throughout the year.

Optional services

You may see charges or credits on your bill if you participate in these optional services:

  • Green Power Tomorrow - Clean energy from wind and solar projects is offered at a 1-cent-per-kilowatt-hour premium for customers who wish to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from all or part of their electricity use.
  • Shared Solar - Our community solar program offers eligible customers the opportunity to lower their environmental impact and carbon footprint while helping MGE create a more sustainable energy future.
  • Energy Fund - MGE has established a fund that allows customers to contribute toward needy families who cannot pay their utilities. Some customers may elect to make a monthly contribution through their energy bills.

Penalty for nonpayment

  • If you can pay your utility charges incurred between October 31 and April 16 but don't pay within 80 days of when they are due, we may file court action against you. The moratorium ends April 15.
  • A court could award MGE payment up to three times the amount you owe. (See Section 196.642 of the Wisconsin Statutes.)

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