State Low-Income Assistance Fee

Created by 2005 Wisconsin Act 141

  • Funds utility bill payment assistance and weatherization for low-income customers across the state.
  • Collected by electric utilities using a prescribed formula.
  • Forwarded to the Wisconsin Department of Administration for deposit in the Utility Public Benefits Fund.
  • Is a way for the State to raise revenues to pay for specific government expenditures.
  • Is not part of MGE's rates; MGE does not profit from it.
  • Is neither a charitable contribution nor a deductible business expense for utilities or our customers.

How Much is the State Low-Income Assistance Fee?

Effective July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025, the maximum daily charge per meter is:

Residential $0.10356 per day (about $3.15 per month)

Small Commercial
(Up to 200 kW demand)

$0.07504 per day (about $2.28 per month)
Large Commercial
(Over 200 kW demand)
$3.82027 per day (about $116.20 per month)

The fee is capped at no more than 3% of an electric bill in a given month. Those customers who use a very small amount of electricity may pay a reduced amount due to the 3% cap.

Commercial customers with multiple electric meters may request refunds for fees that exceed $750 in a month.

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