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  • Automatic On/Automatic Lock Agreements
    Transfer or lock the utility service to/for the owner, landlord or management company.
  • Are you a Property Developer?
    Contact MGE early and often during your building project. We'll save you time and money by designing an efficient service layout and installing it when it fits your schedule.
  • Average Energy Use and Cost
    Use this tool to estimate the potential energy use and related costs for each unit of your rental building. It will not show costs for the common space.
  • Budget Payment Plan
    Based on your previous bills and expected energy prices, we estimate your annual energy costs for the upcoming year and divide it evenly over 11 months.
  • Energy-Saving Checklist: A Guide for Rental Property Owners [493 kB PDF]
    Tips to help you save energy and money.
  • Energy Use in Multifamily Buildings
    MGE recently completed a first-of-its-kind study of multifamily buildings in our service area to measure actual metered energy use.
  • Portable Energy Meter
    Borrow a portable energy meter at no cost from your local public library to identify the potential causes of high energy use.
  • Summary Billing
    A free service for business customers that consolidates your accounts into one bill.
  • Vacancy Rates for Multifamily Rental
    The percentage of apartment buildings in MGE's service area that appear to be vacant because the gas and electric service is inactive or the service has been moved to the owner's name.
  • View My Energy Use
    Sign in to chart your past energy use.

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Automatic On/Automatic Lock Agreements

Two Automatic Agreement Options are available to residential and commercial property owners, landlords and management companies when a tenant vacates the premises.

Automatic On Agreement (Auto-On) - Automatically transfers the utility service to the owner, landlord or management company when a tenant vacates the premises.

  • Clean-up work can begin immediately because the gas and electric services remain connected.
  • The rental unit can be shown to prospective tenants.
  • You will receive quicker notification if a tenant moves out.

Automatic Lock Agreement (Auto-Lock) – Automatically locks the utility service for the owner, landlord or management company when a tenant vacates the premises.

  • You won't get billed for usage between tenants.

Automatic Agreement Form [28 kB PDF]