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Environmental and Sustainability Report

MGE is creating a more sustainable future with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, energy reliability, and safety.

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Environmental and Sustainability Report

MGE has issued its 2017 Environmental and Sustainability Report update. The report provides a comprehensive view of our efforts from recycling to clean water initiatives to community engagement. Below are some of the highlights:

Emission Reductions

MGE has made significant strides in reducing emissions. From 2005 through 2016, MGE has:

  • Decreased carbon dioxide emission rates 21%
  • Decreased regulated air emission rates:
    • Sulfur dioxide: 97%
    • Nitrogen oxide: 60%
    • Particulate matter: 93%
    • Mercury: 94%
Energy 2030

MGE developed its Energy 2030 framework to guide our energy future. Under Energy 2030, we set these goals:

  • Reduce CO2 by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030. This target is consistent with U.S. emissions targets for the 2030 time frame established as part of the Paris Agreement on climate change.
  • Increase renewable energy—supplying 30% of retail electric sales with renewable energy by 2030.
Working Toward Energy 2030

We are working toward our Energy 2030 goals, which were first announced in 2015:

  • New Wind Farm: The company’s application for a $107 million wind farm in Saratoga, Iowa, is pending with state regulators. The investment would grow MGE-owned wind generation by 160%.
  • Community Solar: MGE’s Shared Solar pilot project in partnership with the City of Middleton, Wis., came online in early 2017. MGE continues to explore other possible utility-scale solar projects.
  • Transition from Coal: As part of its transition away from coal-fired generation, MGE reduced its ownership share in the Columbia Energy Center, one of two coal plants in which MGE is a minority owner. MGE has no controlling interest in coal-fired generation and has no plans for additional coal resources.
  • New Technologies: From electric vehicles to smart home technology, MGE is advancing new technologies and bringing additional value to our customers.

For more information about Energy 2030, visit:


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