Saratoga Wind Farm

MGE's 66-megawatt (MW) wind farm near Saratoga, Iowa, became operational in early 2019. The Saratoga wind farm is our largest—delivering energy to power about 47,000 households.


Saratoga is about 200 miles west of Madison—located in the northeast section of Iowa. This high, flat and open area provides an excellent wind resource and is close to an established substation and transmission lines to carry the power.

The 13-square-mile parcel spans mostly large grain farms. Most of the farmland surrounding the 33 turbines will continue producing crops.



Wind turbine technology has improved with larger turbines producing energy more efficiently, making them a cost-effective, clean-energy option. Saratoga's turbines extend nearly 500 feet tall, which is 100 feet higher than turbines at MGE's Top of Iowa wind farm and 210 feet higher than turbines at our Rosiere wind farm.