Charge Ahead Program

Woman driving a Tesla

MGE's Charge Ahead program gives electric vehicle (EV) drivers the unique opportunity to use an innovative EV charging technology. Participants will help MGE explore ways to meet the needs of EV drivers in the future and plan for the impact of EVs on our electric grid.  

Benefits of Charge Ahead 

  • Charge during off-peak hours and earn up to $8 per month over the summer and $4 per month the rest of the year. 
  • Smart charging allows you to set a charging schedule that works best for you, ensuring your EV is charged by the time you need it. 
  • MGE will shift charging to times when the grid is less busy or when renewable energy is more productive. If you sign up for our Shift & Save electric rate, you'll pay less to charge during off-peak hours.
  • No charging station installation required! 

How to Join 

  1. Check if your EV or charging station is eligible.  
  2. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and enroll using the referral code “MGECHARGE.” 
  3. Create your account. 
  4. Charge your EV at least 80% during off-peak hours each month to earn! 

Learn more and enroll!