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Heat Pumps—an Energy-Efficient Option for Your Home


Is your heating and cooling system in need of an upgrade? Meet an MGE customer who opted for a dual-fuel system to heat and cool her family's home efficiently and sustainably. Watch to learn about the benefits of heat pump technology.

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so the heat pump would be in use most of the time, using electricity to heat/cool, AND still have the conventional natural gas furnace and AC that would turn on just for extreme conditions? What's the next step to find out if our home situation is a good fit for a heat pump? thank you
3/2/2024 6:48:42 PM
Patricia Lang
I heard a comment about use of cold-climate heat pump a possibility for Madison winters/summers with AC provided. Does MG&E have reports of clients saving money on utilities? Still researching furnace replacement maybe in 2024. Want proven environmental benefits as well as money-saving.
3/1/2024 11:54:04 AM
Donalea Dinsmore
Hybrid systems make so much sense. When my furnace died a few years ago and I inquired about a heat pump, the vendor said flatly that they don't work in Wisconsin. This video really dispels that myth. Now I need to replace my AC and a heat pump is a real possibility. My current vendor tells me that they are installing more heat pumps than other systems. They even offer special packages. I'm excited about the possibility!
2/12/2024 6:32:48 PM
Paul Lewandowski
It was interesting to see that they still use a gas furnace for the polar vortex days. this year one week so far!
1/16/2024 1:31:15 PM
Miguel Benson
Seems like heat pumps are finally ready for the northern climate!
1/14/2024 4:24:51 PM
Kris Rasmussen
I’m very interested in converting to heat pump and understand that it can also be used for hot water. I’ll be interested in the predictions as to payback time, though my primary motivation would be for the environment.
1/14/2024 11:40:29 AM
Rena Crispin
I'm interested in a heat pump. However, I hear that they are very noisy. My daughter has one and doesn't like it cuz of the noise. What can you tell me about that?
1/13/2024 7:19:07 PM
It is great to see that our utilities are working to be as energy-efficient as possible. It is so easy for everyone to join in on helping the environment and saving money as well. Thanks for the video.
1/13/2024 5:01:24 PM
Barb Brown
I appreciate MG&E bringing up this topic. I would like much more detailed information about heat pumps.
1/13/2024 12:43:44 PM
Helena Tsotsis
This video was interesting and made it seem pretty easy to use a heat pump for your home. I will certainly keep it in mind when we are ready to replace our furnace!
1/13/2024 9:55:43 AM
Jared Ramthun
Having someone come out on Tuesday to evaluate a heat pump option for my home.
1/13/2024 4:21:37 AM
Joan Bazan
We moved to an apartment and we are missing all the energy saving appliances and HAVC. Cost wise. We are paying about the same money as we did in our house. I can't imagine how much more energy we are using!
1/12/2024 6:11:37 PM
Lori Frisch
It is interesting and makes me think. I apparently had no idea what heat pumps were all about. When it is time to replace our heating/cooling system I wonder if the HVAC contractors will give heat pumps as an option or if they will stick with the traditional systems. Keep providing information on heat pumps so it stays on my mind :).
1/12/2024 6:04:12 PM
If you don't already, I would suggest figuring out how to educate and partner with HVAC companies. A few years ago our air conditioner died, and we had a new one installed. I didn't know about heat pumps, and it was never mentioned by the HVAC company. Now I am kicking myself that I didn't put that money into a heat pump instead!
1/12/2024 4:05:48 PM
Jane Greischar
I have been very interested in HEAT PUMP technology, but have been wondering how it works to heat, cool, and heat water
1/12/2024 3:31:19 PM
Joy Newmann
I was forced to replace my air conditioner when an annual check up resulted in a broken lid for the fluid, which could not be replaced. I had been hearing about the benefits of a heat pump and ended up replacing my air conditioner (23 years old) and furnace (15 years old) with a new Lennox heat pump and furnace enticed by the promise of lowering my carbon footprint and getting a big rebate from several places, including the government. I am still learning about how they work together when you need heat and how to set the thermostat to achieve consistent comfort--its great! Not too hot and not too cold and much work to achieve that. I am not sure about whether I am saving money, or reducing my foot print. But I am very comfortable and happy they are working together on this cold, snowy morning! Now it is up to you MG&E to give me feedback on my G & E bill since my new HVAC system was installed!
1/12/2024 3:29:43 PM
Lois Miller
Go heat pumps!!!!
1/12/2024 3:19:05 PM
Definitely is something we will consider when we replace our furnace as it approaches end of life!
1/12/2024 3:09:30 PM
Jim Baumann
I hadn't thought about the dual energy approach and would like to learn more about it.

I have looked at replacing my gas water heater with an electric heat pump (hybrid) water heater. The response I get from plumbing contractors tends to be quite negative, as they tend to try to steer me away from the heat pump water heater.

Any suggestons?
1/12/2024 2:56:25 PM
I've been watching videos on cold-climate heat pumps. Many of the newer ones operate at temps below -20, so those are also an option for Madison, as they're being used in Canada and Maine. It would have been nice to see those mentioned here in comparison to dual-fuel systems.
1/12/2024 2:49:05 PM
diane walder
sign me up!
1/12/2024 2:39:46 PM
Himal Regmi
The vedio is pretty interesting and I came to know it first time. I wold like to know more about the heat pump or dual energy heating & cooling
1/12/2024 2:38:02 PM
Carol Harm
I had a heat pump installed this year. I love that the temperature in my house is much more even AND I am saving energy! I love it!
1/12/2024 2:12:52 PM

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