Wind Power

wind powerWind power is a sustainable energy option. Generating electricity through wind turbines is better for the environment because it doesn't produce greenhouse gas emissions, use water or take up much land. MGE’s wind farms also keep energy dollars in our region while creating an economic opportunity for host farmers and communities. In addition, wind power in our mix helps to reduce the impact of fluctuating prices of fuels used to generate electricity.

Under our Energy 2030 framework, MGE is continuing to grow our use of renewables, like wind power, to meet our community's energy needs. MGE has been involved for decades in building or operating a number of wind farms in Wisconsin and Iowa to help serve MGE customers.

Customer Support of Wind Power

Some of our customers want to do more to support renewable resources. Our Green Power Tomorrow program (GPT) gives customers the opportunity to demonstrate their support by paying a slight premium for clean energy, like wind, to offset the carbon dioxide generated by their electricity use.

Customers also may be interested in installing a wind turbine to support the electric needs of their home or small business. A wind turbine can produce a significant portion of electricity as long as the location is suitable. The turbine would need to have access to relatively high average wind speeds and sufficient space, and it would need to meet area zoning regulations.


Wind Power Resources