Environmental Policy

As part of MGE's commitment to environmental stewardship, our Environmental Management System incorporates the following policy decisions:

MGE will:

  1. Consider the environmental impacts of all applicable company activities and actively seek cost-effective ways to reduce adverse environmental impacts and risks.
  2. Seek environmentally friendly options when considering sources of supply, material and contractors where cost-effective opportunities exist.
  3. Educate our employees about MGE's environmental responsibilities and policy and encourage them to actively seek ways to mitigate environmental impacts.
  4. Set environmental goals and objectives and strive to continually improve corporate environmental performance.
  5. Strictly comply with all environmental laws, regulations, permit requirements and other corporate environmental commitments and exceed simple compliance where sound science and cost-effective technologies permit.
  6. Continue to be an active member of the community and work with other community agencies to promote environmental education and energy conservation. As a member of the community, MGE will communicate openly and honestly with the public regarding MGE environmental policy and performance.