Wind Power

In the last decade, MGE has grown its wind capacity from 12 megawatts (MW) to 137 MW. The following wind resources serve MGE customers:

Saratoga Wind Farm

In November 2017, MGE received approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) to own and operate the Saratoga wind farm in Howard County, Iowa. Saratoga will be MGE's largest wind farm to date—delivering energy to power approximately 47,000 homes.

Benefits of wind generation

Wind power is a sustainable energy option.

  • Better for the environment than electricity generated from nonrenewable sources,
  • Keeps energy dollars in our region,
  • Creates economic opportunity for host farmers and communities,
  • Reduces the impact of fluctuating prices of fuels used to generate electricity.

Required vs. voluntary

All Wisconsin electric utilities are required to use renewable resources in their fuel mix. By 2015, an average of 10% of the electricity generated statewide must come from renewable energy. MGE has worked to make sure it can secure cost-effective renewable resources to meet that goal.

MGE customers have asked us to do more. We responded with Green Power Tomorrow (GPT). GPT allows customers the choice to pay more for clean energy to offset the carbon dioxide generated by their electricity use.

Buy green power

You can offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated from your home electricity use for about $13 per month. Visit Green Power Tomorrow for more information or sign up today.

Installing your own wind generation

A wind turbine can produce a significant portion of the electricity needed by a home or small business if a location is suitable:

  • Relatively high average wind speeds
  • Sufficient space
  • Suitable zoning codes

Resources to help you

  • Properly designed wind generators can be connected to the utility grid. Visit customer-owned generation for more information about MGE's buyback rates.

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