Solar Energy

Solar systems can heat water or convert sunlight into electricity.  MGE owns and operates several solar systems to study their economic benefits and technical performance.  We are learning how to serve our customers with clean energy from the sun.

If you want to invest in solar

  • Improve your energy efficiency first to minimize your electric needs. It costs less and pays back faster than renewable energy systems.  Visit saving energy for more information.
  • Contact Focus on Energy at 1-800-762-70771-800-762-7077 or visit for consultations, site assessments, Cash-Back Rewards and financial incentives.
  • Substantial federal tax credits are also available for qualifying solar installations. See details at ENERGY STAR®.
  • Receive MGE credit for the power you generate.
  • Participate in MGE's Shared Solar Pilot program if you rent or otherwise can't put solar on your home.
  • Investing in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow is more affordable than owning your own system.

MGE solar projects

MGE owns, operates, monitors or helps maintain several solar projects.

What we've learned

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