MGE's 2015 electricity sources


MGE generates, purchases and distributes electricity to nearly 149,000 customers.


  • MGE owns 8.3% of the cleaner coal Elm Road Generating Station in Oak Creek that has state-of-the-art emission controls.
  • MGE owns 20.4% of the Columbia Energy Center, which has ongoing major projects to update its emission control technology.

Purchased Power

  • MGE buys electricity on the open market and through long-term purchase power agreements.
  • Fuel sources vary.


  • Wisconsin's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires utilities to acquire a portion of their electricity from renewable energy sources. This standard represents 8% of our total electric mix.
  • An additional 3% represents voluntary purchases by customers through our Green Power Tomorrow program.
  • The remaining 2% represents early adoption of renewable sources, most of which will be used for compliance with future RPS requirements.


  • MGE-owned, natural gas-fired power plants.
  • MGE's natural gas and diesel-fueled combustion turbines, used infrequently, mainly to meet peak power demands during summer heat waves.