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As part of MGE's Energy 2030 framework, we are advancing new technologies to help customers save energy, control costs and reduce our collective impact. By working with our customers, we can reach our goals of achieving carbon reductions of at least 80% by 2030 and net-zero carbon electricity by 2050.

Connect with us, get rewards

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Eligible MGE electric customers with compatible smart thermostats will receive a $25 reward upon acceptance into the program and up to $25 annually for participating. 

Request to enroll

To determine if you have an eligible smart thermostat, visit our frequently asked questions page. Once your enrollment request is received, we will review your account information and, if space is available, enroll you in MGE Connect. We may contact you if there is more information needed to complete our review.

If you have any questions, please email us at or reach out to MGE's Home Energy Line at 608-252-7117 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To learn more about the program, visit the FAQ.

How it works

  • Program participants will receive a $25 digital gift card from Tango Card upon acceptance into the program. Participants will receive an annual participation incentive of up to $25.
  • During hot and humid days when energy use is higher than normal, MGE may call an "event." These events help us reduce our peak demand, improving the reliability of the grid and reducing long-term costs.
  • Temperature increases to thermostats during events will range from two to four degrees and last no more than four hours. Most events begin with a preconditioning period to help offset minor adjustments later in the day.
  • Adjustments may occur during non-holiday weekdays. Participants can change temperature settings or opt out of events at any time. 
  • A typical summer event is usually two hours in length, with a one-hour preconditioning period prior to the event. Most summer events are called between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Who is eligible to join? 

To enroll, you must be an MGE residential electric customer or a business customer on a Cg-5 rate with an eligible, internet-connected thermostat used to control your air conditioning. 

If the information on your thermostat enrollment does not match the information on the MGE account, we may contact you to confirm your eligibility and enrollment. For those customers who have multiple devices, you are only eligible for a single enrollment and participation incentive unless you have multiple air conditioners being controlled. If you believe you qualify for multiple incentives, please reach out to us directly at after enrolling and we will work with you to determine your incentive level. 

Participation is subject to limits set forth in the Bring Your Own Device Service Rider in MGE's Electric Rates and Rules. Once the program is at capacity, we will add incoming applications to our waiting list. These waiting list applications will be reviewed as space becomes available to join the program.

Working together to save energy

Electric use peaks during stretches of hot, humid days when air conditioners are running in a majority of homes and businesses. These periods of high electric use put pressure on utilities to generate and distribute enough electricity to everyone who needs it. Programs like MGE Connect, Charge Ahead and Charge@Home help us better understand the potential for managing our collective energy use and reducing electric peaks using smart technologies.  

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