The Power of Working Together

MGE's Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Madison Gas and Electric is committed to equity and inclusion in our service to our customers, in our workplace and in our broader community.

We value diverse perspectives, ideas, cultures and backgrounds, and work to ensure that all our employees and customers experience this as a core principle of MGE.

Partnering to serve and to support our diverse communities 

MGE has been part of the communities we serve as a critical services provider and community partner for more than 100 years. As our community grows and becomes more diverse, we too are growing and changing to meet our responsibility to serve our customers equitably. In fulfilling our ongoing mission to serve, we seek to listen, to learn and to constantly challenge ourselves to be even more inclusive and equitable in how we serve, partner and engage our communities. 

We have a responsibility to provide our customers with safe and reliable service. As your community energy company, we work to ensure all our customers experience us as safe and welcoming, and as “their” community energy company. Meeting our customers "where they are" is at the core of our mission. 

Strengthening our culture of inclusion and equity

We work to provide a welcoming environment where all of our employees feel supported, valued, respected and included. We believe our diverse backgrounds and experiences help us to better understand and to serve our customers’ diverse needs and preferences as we collaborate with and learn from each other. Our journey continues to unfold through our commitment to listen, to learn and to challenge our collective selves to deepen the ways we respect and value each other.

We believe a multitude of backgrounds and ideas make a difference in our company and in how MGE, as a community partner, can impact our communities in meaningful ways. Embracing the diversity of people and ideas is key to driving out intolerance, advancing dialogue and creating positive outcomes. 

The power of working together means working together to foster a culture of equity and inclusion.