MGE Energy Fund

MGE Energy FundMGE created the Energy Fund in 1985 to help ensure needy area families and individuals have money to pay for their heat. Last year, we received over $100,000 in donations. We focus on our community and customers and try to help those who face tough financial situations.

What is the Energy Fund?

  • Donations come from MGE customers, shareholders and employees.
  • 100% of the money goes directly to help people in our area.
  • MGE shareholders pay the administrative costs.
  • A nonprofit agency distributes the money.
  • Contributors' names are kept confidential.

Who does the Energy Fund help?

Families and individuals who find it impossible to cover basic living costs. The difficulties may come from medical bills, job loss or other emergencies. They may live on a fixed income or work for low hourly rates.

Each year, the Energy Fund helps about 300 families. Help is especially needed during winter.

How can you help?

Please make a monthly or one-time tax-deductible donation.

  • Sign up online for a monthly donation to be added to your energy bill.
  • Add a donation to your online payment in My Account.
  • ​Make a check payable to the "MGE Energy Fund" and mail it to: Madison Gas and Electric, P.O. Box 1231, Madison, WI 53701-1231

Thank you!

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