How Cogen Works

  1. Two natural gas-fired combustion turbines drive generators to produce electricity.
  2. The hot combustion gases from each turbine pass through a corresponding heat-recovery steam generator (HRSG) to produce steam. The HRSGs contain duct burners to produce additional steam as needed.
  3. The high- and low-pressure steam from the HRSGs passes through a single extracting/condensing steam turbine that sends heating steam to the UW and produces electricity for the Madison area.
  4. The exhaust steam is sent to a condenser and then cooled by cooling towers. This process forms water that is reused.
  5. Centrifugal chillers provide 30,000 tons of chilled-water capacity. Electric-driven chillers use roof-mounted cooling towers for heat rejection.
  6. The steam heat and chilled water is used on the UW-Madison campus.
  7. The electricity is sent to an adjacent substation and then to the Madison area.

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Technical Fact Sheet [152 kB PDF]

How West Campus Cogen Works