West Campus Cogeneration Facility

West Campus Cogeneration Facility

This 150-megawatt natural gas-fired facility provides:

  • Electricity to MGE customers.
  • Steam heat and chilled-water air-conditioning to the UW-Madison campus.

This single facility meets these multiple energy needs, thus reducing costs and emissions. Through the efficiency of cogeneration and state-of-the-art emissions controls, it is one of the cleanest power plants in the Midwest. The West Campus Cogeneration Facility began serving the Madison community in spring 2005.

Working with the community

MGE and the UW-Madison worked closely with others to take steps beyond current environmental regulations and further mitigate environmental impacts. Agreements with the City of Madison and neighborhood and environmental groups included:

  • A $220,000 renewable energy project. We installed 37 photovoltaic fixtures that use clean solar energy to light a section of a bike path along Campus Drive.
  • A $50,000 project to reduce volatile organic compound emissions and improve air quality.

For more information:
How the Cogeneration Plant Works
West Campus Cogeneration Facility Brochure [461 kB PDF]

Environmental Aspects

Air Quality Fact Sheet [98 kB PDF]
Water Use Fact Sheet [182 kB PDF]
Technical Fact Sheet [152 kB PDF]
Odana Hills Groundwater Fact Sheet [200 kB PDF]
Compensatory Recharge Study Report [10.4 MB PDF]
Unit Well #5 Pumping Study Summary Report [1.6 MB PDF]
WCCF Post-Construction Noise Survey [3.2 MB PDF]

Odana Hills Groundwater Recharge Project

This groundwater recharge project is designed to mitigate the impacts of water use by the West Campus Cogeneration Facility. It will infiltrate storm water runoff from the Odana Pond into the groundwater system.