Severe Storm Preparedness'

Severe Storm Preparedness

Prepare now for a future major storm

  • Create a family emergency plan. Know what you will do in an emergency and be sure everyone in the house knows too. Plan where you will meet in case you are separated.
  • Assemble or store a disaster kit in your home emergency shelter. Include these items:
    • Water: Three-day supply, one gallon per person per day.
    • Food: Three-day supply of nonperishable, high-energy food.
    • Tools: Can opener, paper plates, utensils, flashlight, batteries, cash, bleach.
    • First aid kit: Sufficient to care for minor injuries.
    • Battery-operated weather radio: To receive updates.
  • Be sure to plan for your family pets. They'll need food and water too.
  • If you require electricity for health care, be sure to have a backup emergency plan to meet your needs if electric service is interrupted.
  • Make MGE's emergency number (608) 252-7111(608) 252-7111 a contact in your cell phone so you won't have to look it up if the power goes out. We can only restore electric service for MGE electric customers. If you receive electric service from a different company, please call them when your power goes out.

If a storm watch is issued

  • Check flashlights and cell phones. Have extra batteries charged and ready if the storm causes power outages.
  • A power outage may disrupt your water supply. Electricity to run municipal water pumps or individual well pumps may be disrupted. As a precaution, store water in plastic or glass containers for drinking and fill the bathtub with water for other uses.

If a storm warning is issued

  • Go to your place of shelter.
  • Take your pets and cell phone with you.