Life-Sustaining Equipment

For most of us, electricity and natural gas service are a wonderful convenience. For others, utility service is much more critical. If you or someone in your family has a special need for utility service, please let us know. If you or someone in your family requires electrical life support equipment, we urge you to have a backup plan in case the power goes out.

If the power goes out, call our emergency number (608) 252-7111. We'll do our best to restore power as soon as possible. We are proud of our excellent record of reliable electric service and work hard to keep it. However, depending on the cause and extent of damage to our system, restoration can take several minutes, hours or even days.

Please notify us of your situation.

  1. Print and complete MGE's Medical Condition Certification form.
  2. It must be certified by a medical, social service and/or law enforcement provider.
  3. Mail or fax to:
    MGE Customer Service
    PO Box 1231
    Madison WI 53701-1231 
    Fax: 608-252-4714

MGE will:

  • Verify your critical need.
  • Note on your account that you have a special need for utility service.
  • Attempt to contact you in advance when we're planning work that could interrupt your service so you can prepare.
  • Consider this need if your account is subject to disconnection.

Learn how to plan for an emergency. Visit these resources: