Property Access

There are times when an MGE employee may need to access your property. These instances include marking services, checking meters or other services. If we need access behind a locked fence, we will leave a door hanger requesting you to contact us.

Proper identification

Staff members working in the field wear hats and shirts or vests with the MGE logo. They always carry a company ID card with their name and photo displayed. They also drive green and white MGE vehicles.

Sometimes, we may hire a third-party contractor to do work for us. This work could range from trimming trees that interfere with overhead lines to placing cables underground. Contractors are also required to carry a company ID card and drive a prominently marked vehicle.

If someone comes to your door claiming to be an MGE employee and you aren't sure, please call us at (608) 252-7222 to verify. Please note: MGE employees will never attempt to collect money for upgrades or repairs to meters or threaten immediate disconnection. Learn how to identify utility scams.