About Our Map

The outages we show are the separate situations where problems with equipment or power lines are affecting customers in MGE's electric service area. At the top of the map, we also show the total number of customers affected by all the outages.

If you are an electric customer of MGE, your power is out, and you do not see it reflected on the map, please call us at (608) 252-7111. We rely on you to let us know when your power is out. Your call helps us to more quickly and efficiently identify, isolate and repair the problem. We appreciate your patience as we work to restore your power as quickly and safely as possible.

If you are a gas-only customer of MGE, please note that although your address will appear (outside the green outline) on the map, MGE cannot restore your power because we do not supply your electric service. Please call your electric service provider when your lights go out.

  • Time First Reported: The time when MGE received the first customer call alerting us to the individual outage.
  • Estimated Customers Affected: The potential number of customers that could be affected by the problem, based on where we suspect the problem is.
  • Crew Assigned:
    • Yes: Crew has been assigned and is working on site or traveling to the site.
    • Pending: We are aware of the situation and are still assessing it or waiting for necessary equipment or for a crew to become available to work on the problem.
  • Estimated Restoration: Time by which we think we will have the repairs finished and your service restored.
    • Pending: We are aware of the situation and are still assessing it.
    • See Message Above: When there is a major outage, due to the complexity of the situation we do not have the ability to predict restoration times for individual outages. We will temporarily shut off the Estimated Restoration for each individual outage and instead publish a more global estimate immediately above the map.

Estimate accuracy

We know accurate estimates of power restoration are important to you. Our estimates are the best we can predict with the information we have at the time. Please know we are working as quickly as is safely possible to restore power. Unexpected things happen that can change how quickly we are able to restore power. We will update our estimates when this happens. See Power Restoration Estimates for more information.

We appreciate your understanding.