Welcome to MyMeter!

MyMeter Dashboard displayed on a laptop screen

MyMeter is an online tool that provides MGE business customers an energy dashboard to view their electric and natural gas usage data. It allows customers to monitor their energy use within a billing period to better understand their energy usage and set performance targets to reduce their usage and demand costs.  

With MyMeter, businesses can: 

  • Set usage threshold alerts  
  • Set energy markers to track performance pre- and post-event  
  • Set and track monthly performance targets (for customers with AMI electric meters)  
  • Download energy data in an easy-to-use format  
  • Perform energy benchmarking with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager  

Exploring new ways to conserve energy through partnerships with our customers is one way MGE can meet our shared energy goals. MyMeter helps our customers be proactive in identifying ways to curb energy costs by having greater insight into their energy usage. 


See our MyMeter Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions to get started. For specific questions, please reach out to your MGE Account Manager or email business@mge.com

MyMeter Tutorials 


How to Access MyMeter


How to Review Energy Usage


How to Set Usage Alerts


How to Set an Energy Marker


How to View Data


How to Download Data


How to Create Meter Groupings


How to Create and Track Challenge Goals

Frequently Asked Questions

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