A dehumidifier is frequently necessary during Wisconsin’s typically humid summers to prevent mold and mildew in basements.

What to buy

  • ENERGY STAR® certified units are more efficient.
  • A larger capacity (more pints per day) is generally more efficient.
  • A higher energy factor* is more efficient.

*Rated by liters of water removed per kWh of electricity used.

How to use

  • 50% relative humidity is recommended in summer.
  • Lower than 50% will use more energy without adding benefit.
  • Use a digital humidity gauge to check the humidity level.
  • Clean dust and dirt from coils and fan regularly.

Cost to use

  • About 6¢ to 10¢ per hour of operation.
  • $15 to $35 per month in summer is common.
  • Can exceed $50 per month if the dehumidifier runs a lot.

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