Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund

The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund (KWW/CF) was established in 1996 to keep the heat and power on for Wisconsin families in crisis, and alleviate potential life-threatening, energy-related emergencies during Wisconsin's harsh winters.

Keep WI Warm/Cool FundThe fund, supported by Madison Gas and Electric along with Alliant Energy, WE Energies, Wisconsin Public Service Corp. and Xcel Energy, provides financial assistance to the elderly, disabled, veterans and families with young children. Fund recipients can receive immediate relief from energy crises and preventative service for long-term solutions.

Through the KWW/CF, qualified may be eligible for:

  • Affordable payment plans, energy efficiency tips and information, and budget counseling from their utility.
  • Replacement or repair of old, inefficient and dangerous furnaces.
  • Connection to other resources to learn how to help themselves.

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