Energy Saving Tips for Multifamily Buildings

The following recommendations are the result of MGE's 30+ years of working with rental property owners to reduce their energy bills and improve their energy efficiency.

Reduce drafts and air leaks

  • Invest in a blower door test by a trained technician to identify where the gaps exist. Caulk, weather strip or insulate all openings and gaps.
  • Seal attic air leaks – Seal around penetrations such as:
    • attic access doors
    • chimney
    • pipes
    • electrical conduits
  • Reduce drafts inside – Seal around
    • Gas and water pipes
    • Dryer, furnace and water heater vents
    • Door thresholds
    • Windows
    • Electrical outlets
    • Any gaps identified in the blower door test

Insulate to the following minimum standards

Insulation standards
Location Insulate to this minimum level
  • Attic
  • R-40 to R-50
  • Basement Walls (with living space)
  • R-10
  • Garage ceiling (under living space)
  • R-19
  • Crawl space floor
  • Moisture barrier
  • Crawl space walls
  • R-10
  • Knee walls
  • R-19 or higher
  • Sidewall cavities
  • R-13 or higher
  • Sill box
  • R-19
  • Entry doors
  • Insulated with storm door
  • Furnace ducts in unheated areas
  • Seal all duct joints with mastic, then insulate with R-11 or higher
  • Hot water or steam pipes
  • R-2 to R-5

* Levels shown are for existing buildings. For new buildings, call MGE.

Look for the EnergyStar Label

When replacing appliances and equipment, the ENERGY STAR® label will show you which items use less energy than their non-labeled counterparts. Look for ENERGY STAR® on these items:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Cable and satellite access equipment
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Boilers with AFUE of 85% or greater
  • Furnaces with AFUE of 95% or greater
  • Ceiling fans
  • Heat pumps
  • Windows, doors and skylights
  • Fluorescent light fixtures
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • LED light bulbs
  • Vent fans for kitchen and baths

Rebates and incentives

MGE partners with Focus on Energy to provide help for multifamily property owners and managers to lower operating costs and improve comfort for their tenants. Visit Focus on Energy or call 1-800-762-7077 for current offerings.