Natural Gas Fireplaces

Cozy gas fireplace in a home

Provide the rich, warm flames and comfort of traditional fireplaces but with distinct advantages:

  • Clean
  • Compared to old-fashioned wood burners, natural gas fireplaces have lower outputs of:
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Toxic pollutants
    • Harmful particulates


  • Avoid creosote buildup
  • No chimney cleaning
  • Free from sparks or long-burning embers


  • No wood storage space needed
  • Get rid of messy ashes
  • Eliminate wood chips, bark and bugs


  • Up to 70% efficient
  • Costs less than buying, hauling and burning wood
  • Add value to your home

Several types

  • Fireplace inserts
  • New fireplaces
  • Direct-vented systems that use outside air for combustion and vent out the wall
  • New top-vented or rear-vented freestanding stoves

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