Electric Heat Savings


Check out this video to see how much faster your meter spins when heating with electricity.

Heating your home with electricity instead of natural gas can cost more than four times as much. Electric heaters, in general, are cheaper and easier to install, however, cost more to run when heating large areas.

The best way to save on electric heat is to set back your thermostat when you are sleeping or gone. In some residences, you may find separate thermostats. For rooms that remain unoccupied, it is recommended to set the thermostat even lower and close the door.

The bigger the setback, the more you save. However, when deciding how much to set back the temperature, keep in mind how long it will take for the room to warm back up.

If you are considering renting a home with electric heat, you can use our average cost calculator to estimate your potential heating costs based on previous heating history.

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