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GPT RNG—a renewable natural gas option for your home or business

Our Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) renewable natural gas (RNG) option is an easy way to offset your greenhouse gas emissions from your use of natural gas. MGE is the first utility in the state of Wisconsin to offer this type of RNG option to customers. RNG offers customers an easy way to advance sustainability in their household or business operations. 

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What is RNG?

Unlike pipeline natural gas that is extracted from deep underground deposits, RNG is a processed biogas derived from organic waste material, such as food waste, yard and crop waste, and animal waste. It also can be produced from degradable carbon sources, such as paper, cardboard and wood. 

The RNG process

How RNG is produced

What are the benefits of RNG?

  • Green energy 24/7: RNG combines the environmental benefits of renewable energy with the reliability of natural gas. RNG helps to lower methane emissions. When methane is burned—instead of being released directly—it is converted into water and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a less potent greenhouse gas than methane.

  • Carbon-neutral: RNG is carbon-neutral because it comes from the natural breakdown of organic sources instead of from fossil fuels.

  • Multiple uses: RNG can be used for heating, cooking, fueling vehicles and generating electricity, among other uses. 

What is GPT RNG?

GPT RNG is MGE’s voluntary program that offers customers the opportunity to offset their emissions from their use of natural gas. MGE purchases Renewable Thermal Certificates (RTCs) on behalf of the customer to offset the emissions associated with the customer’s monthly usage. 

How can I participate?

MGE customers may choose from two subscription options to participate in GPT RNG:

  • Set number of therms—You select the number of therms you would like to be offset each month. RTC units will be added as an incremental energy charge of $1.78 per therm to your monthly natural gas bill.
  • Percentage of your usage—You select a percentage of your total natural gas usage each month that you would like to be offset with RTCs. An incremental energy charge of $1.78 per therm will be applied to the percentage you choose and added to your monthly natural gas bill.

MGE then purchases RTCs on the customer’s behalf, offsetting the emissions associated with the customer’s use of natural gas.
MGE does not set the price of the RTCs—it is a pass-through cost set by the market. We apply a small administrative fee to cover administration costs associated with the GPT RNG program. The purchase of RTCs is tracked by M-RETS, a nonprofit organization that tracks environmental attributes. 
To sign up for GPT RNG, complete the enrollment form and an MGE representative will be in touch.

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Targeting emissions from MGE’s natural gas distribution system: Net-zero methane emissions by 2035

Building upon our long-standing commitment to providing safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy, MGE has set a goal to achieve net-zero methane emissions from our natural gas distribution system by 2035. Learn about our strategies.

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