MGE Peregrine Falcons News

Welcome back, Trudy and Melvin!


We're happy to report that the MGE peregrine falcons have four eggs, or a "full clutch," in the nesting box atop Blount Generating Station.

Trudy laid the first egg on Easter morning, March 31, and the second during our spring snowstorm on April 2. The third and fourth eggs arrived April 5 and April 7, respectively. This is likely the final egg of the 2024 season, but we're watching for a possible fifth egg this week.

You can watch Trudy and her mate, Melvin, take turns incubating the eggs on our livestream falcon cam. We expect hatching to occur between May 8 and 11!

Four eggs in the nesting box

Welcome back, Trudy and Melvin!


In tune with our early spring-like weather, MGE's peregrine falcons have returned to the nesting box on top of our Blount Generating Station in downtown Madison.

Trudy, who is unbanded, has returned for her 13th straight year. She was first spotted in our nesting box on Feb. 27.

Melvin, identified by his ID band, was first spotted at the nesting box on Feb. 3. He hatched in 2013 at a nesting site in Oak Creek, Wis., and first arrived in Madison in 2015. Melvin has been Trudy's partner for the past nine years.

We're hopeful for another successful falcon season––be sure to keep an eye on MGE's livestream falcon cam and check back here for updates!

Melvin and Trudy are back!