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2023 MGE Falcons Take Flight


Another successful MGE falcon season came to a close over the weekend as both chicks fledged—or took their first flights—from the nesting box atop Blount Generating Station. Cheese Curdis left early Saturday evening, 6/24, while Cream Puff followed early Sunday morning, 6/25. Check out the video of Cream Puff's departure!

While the pair is no longer hanging out in the nesting box, they'll be active in the skies over downtown Madison as they perfect their flying and hunting skills.

MGE Welcomes Cheese Curdis and Cream Puff to the Family!


The 2023 MGE falcon chicks have names that celebrate iconic Wisconsin food items. MGE employees voted on the names, and Cheese Curdis and Cream Puff were the top vote getters from a list of Wisconsin foods.

Wisconsin peregrine falcon expert Greg Septon banded the chicks at Blount the morning of May 31. The bands allow experts to track the birds throughout their lifetimes.

Cheese Curdis, a female, was named for the little chunks of white or orange cheese that haven't gone through the aging process. Made famous as a Wisconsin delicacy, this squeaky cheese can be found on the menu at many Wisconsin establishments!

Cream Puff, a female, was named for the famous French pastry Wisconsinites have grown to love and celebrate every year at the Wisconsin State Fair. The Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff was created in 1924 when Governor John Blaine asked the state food inspector to come up with a food item that would highlight Wisconsin's dairy industry for fairgoers.

Watch the chicks on our livestream falcon cam as they continue to grow and begin fledging.

Two falcon chicks get banded

Falcon Chicks Arrive


Two fluffy falcon chicks made their debut over Mother's Day weekend, with one hatching the evening of Saturday, May 13, and a second hatching by midday Sunday, May 14. Trudy and Melvin continue to incubate two additional eggs in the nest, and we're hopeful they hatch in the next few days.

Keep an eye on the new chicks and watch for additional hatching activity on our livestream falcon cam.

Two falcon chicks arrive

Four eggs in nesting box


It's been a busy week for Trudy, who laid her fourth egg in the nesting box atop Blount Generating Station in the early hours of April 12. She produced the second and third eggs on April 7 and April 9, respectively. Four eggs is considered a "full clutch."

You can watch Trudy and her mate, Melvin, take turns incubating the eggs on our livestream falcon cam. We expect hatching to occur near Mother’s Day in mid-May!

Falcons full clutch

Welcome back, Trudy and Melvin!


MGE's peregrine falcons appear to be settling back into MGE's nesting box on top of our Blount Generating Station in downtown Madison.

Trudy, who is unbanded, has returned for her 12th straight year at our nesting box. Another female, Carson, was seen in the box in early February but appears to have been displaced by Trudy.

Melvin, identified by his ID band, hatched in 2013 at a nesting site in Oak Creek, Wis. He first arrived in Madison in 2015. He has been paired with Trudy for several years.

Last season, Trudy laid four eggs in April. If she lays eggs this season, this will be the ninth year that she and Melvin have nested in the box.

MGE falcons are back