Charge your electric vehicle at night and save!

Using electricity during high-traffic, or on-peak, hours puts a strain on the electric grid. These high-volume times happen when the majority of our customer are working, watching television, using their computers, running household appliances and more. To help manage these busy times for our grid, MGE offers customers ways to save money on their electric bill and earn rewards.

How does it work?

Customers who sign up for Shift & Save (also known as Time-of-Use) receive discounted rates for electricity used during off-peak hours. It's the time of day when electricity use is low. In exchange, customers pay more for electricity used during on-peak hours. Since "fueling" your EV requires you to be plugged-in, charging your vehicle at night or on weekends can help you save significantly on electricity costs.

By shifting the majority of your electricity use—for your EV as well as your entire household—to nights and weekends, you could see significant savings. Depending on your individual usage, the savings could really add up!

Charge Ahead 

Customers can also earn rewards by allowing MGE to manage their EV charging for them through our Charge Ahead program. Drivers on standard rates can earn rewards, while drivers on the Shift and Save rate save even more on their energy bills!

Sign up for Shift & Save

To learn more and sign up for Shift & Save, call (608) 252-7222 or email