Electric Vehicle Charging Research

MGE is studying electric vehicle (EV) charging at:

  • Public charging stations.
  • Customers' homes.

The information is helping MGE plan how to support the energy needs of EV use in our area. This project is partially funded by a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Stimulus Grant.

MGE public charging network

MGE has installed a number of public charging stations throughout our electric service area.

MGE monitors the charging stations to learn:

  • How EV owners use them.
  • How reliably the technology works.

Participants provide MGE feedback on their charging experience. In exchange, participants receive updates about the study and any operational issues with the charging stations.

Study participants will be eligible for discounted public charging station fees.

Home-based EV charging

MGE is monitoring the electric consumption of MGE electric customer volunteers who charge their EVs at home to learn:

  • When they charge their EVs.
  • How long it takes.
  • How much power it uses.
  • How charging use compares/fits with regular electricity use.

EV drivers, please volunteer

I own an EV and want to participate in MGE's research study.

  • Help shape the electric infrastructure to support EVs.
  • Help promote Madison's EV market development.
  • Influence future charging station locations.
  • It's easy and won't take a lot of time.
  • Use MGE charging stations at reduced cost.


While there are currently few plug-in EVs in the Madison area, use of EVs will grow quickly. This study will help MGE understand:

  • How this infrastructure could work.
  • How consumers want to use public charging stations.
  • Driving and charging patterns.
  • How it impacts our electric system.
  • What effect EV use will have on our ability to reliably serve all customers.

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