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Fleet Vehicles

More businesses are using EVs to move people and products. The benefits are substantial to business fleets, from reducing fuel and maintenance costs to highlighting your company's commitment to sustainability.

Fleet Analysis

MGE can provide your business with a fleet analysis to see if EVs could be a smart addition to your fleet. Our analysis includes: 

  • Fleet review. We'll look at how your vehicles are used, daily and annual miles, where you typically fuel and the time of day your vehicles are on the road.
  • EV recommendations. We'll offer recommendations on current vehicle models that could be a good fit for your organization.
  • ‚ÄčTotal cost of ownership summary. We'll summarize both initial and ongoing expenses for recommended EVs and compare these to your current vehicle costs.
  • On-site charger support. Considering adding chargers at your facility? We'll help you determine if on-site charging makes sense for your business and assist you with model selection, installation, ADA compliance, charger location and more.

Rebates and EV Fleet Rates

Businesses also may be eligible for incentives and government rebates that can lower your overall costs. We can help you navigate your best rate options, charging equipment and charging times to see if an EV makes sense for your business.

We also are offering an EV Fleet rate to our business customers. This rate provides a reduction in demand charges over a period of time, which gives customers time to understand their unique charging behavior and to make changes to minimize demand charges. To qualify, customers must own or lease plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles, and the charging station(s) must be metered separately from the rest of the business. For more information, please contact your MGE account manager.

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See how both large and small business fleets in the Madison area are going electric.

MGE's Electric Fleet

Within our own fleet, MGE has "walked the talk" by adding all-electric vehicles to our fleet and learning what it takes to operate EVs in a real-world work environment. We continue to add cleaner vehicles to our fleet and are targeting a goal of 100% all-electric or plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles by 2030. Our fleet includes all-electric and plug-in EVs, electric forklifts, as well as medium- and heavy-duty trucks with battery-powered technology.

MGE electric hybrid step van