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Keep more green in your pocket.

You get more for your $ with an EV.

They cost less to drive and are easier to maintain.

  • You can drive an EV for about half the cost of a gasoline-fueled vehicle. EVs cost the equivalent of $1/gallon to drive. This number may actually be less if you’re on TOU.
  • EVs cost less to maintain because they don’t require oil changes and brakes last longer.
  • The Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers a tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500 for buying a new EV.
  • Enroll in MGE’s time-of-use program. Pay less for electricity during times when the demand for electricity is low.
  • Join MGE’s EV charging study and get a 50% discount when you charge at an MGE public charging station.

Compare the cost of driving
with electricity vs. gasoline

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