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Charge up and move on!

When it comes to charging your vehicle, you've got lots of options!

As technology advances and more people are purchasing EVs, more options for charging are available. While most people charge at home, businesses are also installing chargers for customers and employees and public networks are growing nationwide.

At Home

Did you know up to 80% of EV charging happens at drivers’ homes? Learn about different home charging options—including options if you live in an apartment or condo.

Charge at Home

On the Go

Convenient, fast charging while you’re out and about? You bet! Public charging stations, many powered by renewable energy, are available throughout the Madison area. 

Charge On the Go

At Work

With more drivers than ever switching to EVs, local employers are taking note. Many businesses offer EV charging for their employees. See how MGE is helping and learn how to get started with your business. 

Charge at Work

EPRI Consumer EV Charging Infographic