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Charge up and move on!

"Fuel up" at home.

Instead of spending time at a gas station, most EV owners charge at home. As much as 80% of charging happens at home. There are many factors that determine the amount of time that it takes to charge your EV. The existing charge level on the battery and the power the charger can deliver as well as the battery size and temperature all have an impact on how long it takes your EV to charge.

It's easy to plug in to a standard outlet every time you pull into your garage. This type of charging, known as Level 1 (L1), can give you between 3 to 5 miles of range per hour.

Installing a 240-volt outlet, which is commonly used by household appliances such as an oven or electric dryer, or a Level 2 (L2) home charging station in your garage are great options to charge more quickly. L2 chargers are faster than using a standard electrical outlet and offer you more control over your charging times.

MGE's Charge@Home program installs ChargePoint L2 chargers for our customers in exchange for a monthly fee of about $20 plus the cost of electricity. There is no upfront charge for standard installation.

Benefits of Charge@Home

  • Charge your battery faster. ChargePoint L2 chargers can provide up to 37 miles of range per hour.
  • Schedule charging remotely through your smartphone.
  • Sign up for MGE's Shift & Save electric rate and you may save on charging. The ChargePoint L2 station enables you to charge when electricity costs less.
  • No upfront costs. Pay about $20 a month (64 cents a day).
  • MGE coordinates installation and maintains the charging station.
  • No worries. MGE stands behind the licensed electrician's work and the charging station.

Enroll in Charge@Home

Hear why one Madison man decided to enroll in MGE's Charge@Home program.

Charging at your apartment.

Since nearly 50% of Dane County residents rent, more apartment buildings are adding EV charging to their lists of amenities. MGE will work with property owners and developers on installing charging stations for tenants. Find out how we can help.

Charging at your condominium.

Condo owners love EVs too. Check out our story about two Madison-area condominium complexes that have added chargers to their parking garage.

Charging at work.

Since more and more drivers are making the switch to EVs, many local businesses are adding EV charging at their workplace. MGE works with employers to get their workplace charging programs off the ground. Find out how we can help.

See how a local business created its own workplace charging program.

Charging around town.

Charging your EV when you're on the go has become easier and faster than ever. There are more than 70 public charging stations in the Madison area – many of which are in MGE's network. There are also several DC fast chargers in town. DC fast chargers give you up to 18 miles of range in a minute. These are for CHAdeMo and CCS-equipped vehicles like the Nissan LEAF®, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Chevy Bolt. Tesla Superchargers are also available in the Madison area.

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