New Service Application

Your construction timeline is important to us. Installation of natural gas and electric service depends on weather conditions and the season. We recommend applying early and providing as much information as you are able. See the list below for information that is required while completing your new service application:

  • Service address
  • Customer information
  • Builder information
  • Electrical contractor information
  • Plumbing/heating contractor information
  • Electric and/or gas meter location
  • Number of electric and/or gas meters
  • Electric meter information (number of phases, amps, volts)
  • Gas delivery pressure
  • Gas and/or electric appliances and load information
  • If there are existing underground customer-owned facilities
  • Project timeline


Apply online via our application form.

Call us at (608) 252-7373 for questions related to:
      • Gas meter sets.
      • Temporary electric service. 
      • Permanent electric meter sets.


Will MGE serve my new building site?

What permits do I need?

How quickly can I expect MGE to install my service?

What will my new service cost?

How close can I build or landscape to MGE lines and equipment?

Is my site ready for service installation?

How do I transfer service to the new owner?

Print Resources

Affidavit of Electrical Work Completed
Electric Service Routes 
Electrical Contractors Handbook
Downtown Area Network Map
Gas Service Handbook 
Gas Service Routes 
Meter Safety Guide 
The Right Connections: Installing New Natural Gas and Electrical Service

Please mail complete, notarized Affidavit form to:

Madison Gas and Electric
Operations Scheduling
P.O. Box 1231
Madison, WI 53701-1231

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New Construction         
Contact Office Email
Trade Ally Coordinator (608) 252-5622
Existing Overhead Electric to Underground, Existing Underground Electric Relocates, Existing Overhead Upgrades
Contact Office Email
Trade Ally Coordinator (608) 252-5622