Customer-Owned Generation

Photovoltaic shingles

The photovoltaic shingles on this customer's house produces most of the electricity this customer uses with enough left over to sell some back to MGE.

Customers with electric generation systems – like solar, wind or biomass – can receive credit on their MGE utility bills for the electricity they produce.

Electric Rates

The credits you are eligible to receive depend on the size of your system.

Connect to our electric grid

  1. To get started, please complete, sign and send the following:
  2. Once your application and other supporting documents have been approved, order your equipment.
  3. After your system is installed, please complete, sign and send us the Standard Interconnection Agreement:
  4. Call us to schedule an appointment for inspection, testing and interconnection.

Contact information

We can receive materials via email or standard mail. If you have questions about the application or installation process, rates or systems, please contact us.


Phone: (608) 252-4783

Mail: Madison Gas and Electric
PO Box 1231
Madison, WI 53701-1231

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