Partnering to Strengthen our Communities

Madison Gas and Electric Annual Report on Giving

Giving Back to Our Community

Madison Gas and Electric's (MGE) commitment to those we serve extends far beyond reliable energy. As your community energy company, we are committed to improving the quality of life for all who live and work here. We contribute to and help to better our community in three different ways, as demonstrated through examples in this annual report:

  • Charitable giving by the MGE Foundation.
  • Corporate giving by MGE through partnerships, collaborations and projects with local organizations and stakeholders.
  • Volunteerism and service of our valued employees.

This report captures some of the ways in which we give, partner and work to support the communities we are privileged to serve. We have written the report to provide just a few examples of the numerous activities through which we have been honored to give back to our communities in 2017.

MGE Foundation

MGE Corporate Giving

MGE Employees

Centro Hispano

MGE partners with Centro Hispano of Dane County in a number of ways. In addition to support from the MGE Foundation, MGE Community Services Manager Mario Garcia Sierra serves as President of the Board of Directors for the organization. He is seen here at the farmer's market talking with the market's Manager Marcos Lozeno and Marisela Gomez Castellanos.

MGE Foundation

Established in 1967, the MGE Foundation is MGE's philanthropic arm. Support from the Foundation helps our local organizations to improve lives today and the lives of future generations by working to preserve the long-term health and vitality of our community. In the last five years, the Foundation has given over $5 million to more than 350 community organizations. These organizations help to create a better present and future in many ways, including:

  • Supporting the community's most vulnerable populations.
  • Fostering our community's culture, arts and history.
  • Protecting our health and environment.
  • Advancing diversity and inclusion.
  • Educating and nurturing our children.

In 2017 alone, the Foundation contributed to more than 150 local organizations, just a few of which are featured in this annual report. The Foundation is proud to support the work of these organizations and the goals of many others across our community.

$5+ million
community organizations
in the last five years

Foundation Giving: Community Service

Habitat for Humanity
"Habitat for Humanity empowers families through home ownership. By strengthening our families, we are strengthening our community. We couldn't do it without volunteers and donations. The MGE Foundation's three-year commitment provides continuity and allows us to develop longer range plans to fulfill our mission."
Valerie Johnson Renk
CEO, Habitat For Humanity of Dane County, Inc.

MGE believes it's important to give back to our community. The MGE Foundation's contributions to local organizations help to support long-term quality of life in our area and help to serve those who are at risk among us. From support for our local community center to our area's domestic violence shelter, from child counseling and daycare services to our local food bank, our public libraries and beyond, there are many people working hard to serve and to improve our community for those who live here.

We see it as our responsibility and privilege to support these efforts and work as partners in providing for a better place to call our home. Here are some examples of the more than 150 organizations the MGE Foundation supported in 2017.

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County

Habitat for Humanity

Affordable housing is a critical issue in cities across the United States. Here in Madison, Habitat for Humanity of Dane County is marking its 30th year. It has partnered with more than 260 families to build safe, decent and affordable homes. This local nonprofit not only builds homes, it also helps renovate existing homes for families in need. Quality housing with an emphasis on energy efficiency is good for the environment and helps make homes affordable. Habitat's partner families provide labor and make monthly mortgage payments on their homes at a low interest rate. Habitat gives families a hand up, not a handout.

Safe Communities

Safe Communities logo

Safe Communities of Madison and Dane County understands the value of partnerships. The nonprofit collaborates across our community to develop programs and resources to save lives, prevent injury and improve safety, especially for our most vulnerable populations—older adults and children. Using local data to drive its areas of focus, Safe Communities employs evidence-based programming to address suicide, falls, traffic crashes and drug poisoning, all of which are Dane County's leading causes of injury-related death and hospitalization. Safe Communities is a leader in our community's fight against heroin, offering resources and support to those impacted by the deadly drug, and working with law enforcement and others to prevent its spread through awareness and education.

Safe Communities

Dane Co. Sheriff's Sgt. R.J. Lurquin shares a photo of his son, Ethan, with Skye Tikkanen (L) and Cheryl Wittke (R), both of Safe Communities. Lurquin and his wife, Helen, lost their son to heroin in April 2017.

"With Madison Gas and Electric's support over the years, Safe Communities has advanced its mission of saving lives, preventing injuries, and making our community safer. As organizations, MGE and Safe Communities share a common concern for the Madison community. Thank you for joining us as a founding member 18 years ago and for staying with us as a valued partner from the beginning."
Cheryl Wittke
Executive Director, Safe Communities Madison-Dane County

Foundation Giving: Culture and Enrichment

Madison Capitol Building
"Eighteen years ago, I had an idea on how to lessen the forces pulling our community apart into different racial and ethnic neighborhoods by reaching to our deepest feeling and bringing folks together to have fun with each other in the primal act of dancing. The first people I approached were at MGE because of the company's history supporting activities to bring the community together, and to my everlasting appreciation, MGE has been there for Dane Dances! I can't begin to say how much the support has meant to making Madison and Dane County a socially and ethnically richer community."
Peter Anderson
Founder, Dane Dances!

As the capital city, Madison enjoys a rich history, from the seat of state government to the state's flagship university and the vision of Frank Lloyd Wright, architect of the city's lakefront Monona Terrace. Building upon Wright's legacy, the city's vibrant arts scene has grown with the community. The MGE Foundation recognizes the importance of culture, arts and history to the fabric of our community. We're committed to supporting the local programming, creativity and education that enrich our community's arts and culture.

Dane Dances!

Dane Dances! logo

Dane Dances has been bringing people together for 18 years through live music and dance. With the slogan, "Get up … Get down … Get together," Dane Dances hosts free rooftop events every Friday night in the month of August atop Monona Terrace. The fun, family-friendly events bring together our diverse community with the goal of improving race relations in Dane County. A founding sponsor, the MGE Foundation is proud to support Dane Dances' mission of inclusivity.

Opera in the Park

Madison Opera logo

Opera in the Park, presented by Madison Opera, makes the opera experience accessible to all. With Madison's Garner Park as the backdrop, the annual summertime performance attracts thousands of people who can be seen conducting with light sticks in hand. Free to attend, the two-hour performance features four principal artists, the Madison Opera Chorus and the Madison Symphony Orchestra. By breaking down barriers to the arts, Opera in the Park builds a sense of community. As your community energy company, MGE and the MGE Foundation value the Opera's commitment to promoting community ownership in the arts.

Madison Opera

Photo courtesy James Gill for Madison Opera

"We are so privileged to produce Opera in the Park every summer. It is truly the most important and wonderful thing we do, a signature performance that brings together people from all around our community and uses music to unite us."
Kathryn Smith
General Director, Madison Opera

Foundation Giving: Environment and Health

Environment and Health
"We are able to impact thousands of children and their families with the countless benefits of connecting with nature due to partnerships like the one with MGE. With MGE's support, we're investing in environmental education to engage and empower current and future generations to respect, protect and enjoy the natural world—creating a better world for all. We're honored to call MGE a partner in our work."
Michael Strigel
President and Executive Director, Aldo Leopold
Nature Center

Investments today can yield a more sustainable tomorrow—launching environmental initiatives, advancing quality health care and building bridges of understanding. MGE has long supported health initiatives that touch many lives—from infants to seniors. We also have funded initiatives to protect our water, air and land as we work to educate the next generation. Environmental progress and a healthier population go hand in hand. We're dedicated to promoting both in the communities we serve.

Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Aldo Leopold logo

The Aldo Leopold Nature Center (ALNC) carries on the land ethic established by its namesake. During the first half of the 1900s, Aldo Leopold earned national recognition as a conservationist and writer. Now, ALNC serves as an independent, nonprofit organization with the mission to engage and educate current and future generations. Through interactive programs, educational nature walks and special exhibits, ALNC encourages the respect and enjoyment of nature. ALNC's vision: Engaged, educated and empowered people take action to protect the natural world and create healthy and sustainable communities.

SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation

SSM Health

One in four adults will suffer from a mental illness in his or her lifetime. SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison is restoring strength and hope to patients and their families by redesigning the hospital's 30-year-old adult inpatient behavioral health unit. The largest unit of its kind in Dane County is undergoing an update to allow for more beds and a warmer, welcoming space for patients and their loved ones. With generous community support, the $4.2 million project is moving forward with the vision of providing a better, brighter space to heal.

Dr. Matt Sager and Christina Mignon

Dr. Matt Sager is the Medical Director of Inpatient Psychiatry at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison. Registered nurse Christina Mignon is the Nursing Manager for the Behavioral Health unit. Photo courtesy SSM Health.

"Many of us tend to close our eyes to mental illness because we don't understand it. The Restoring Strength and Hope campaign gave us the opportunity to talk about the depth of suffering that patients with mental illness endure and the treatments available to help them thrive. Our generous community of businesses like MGE, individual donors, family foundations, physicians and staff all came together to raise funds to create a behavioral health unit that is respectful, compassionate and therapeutic."
Sandra L. Lampman
Executive Director, St. Mary's Foundation - Madison

Foundation Giving: Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion

Left to right: Managing Attorney Nadya Rosen, Intake Specialist Kim Hogan, and Advocacy Specialist Jill Gonzalez collaborate in the Madison office to advance the nonprofit's mission of improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.

"MGE's sponsorship of our 'There's No Place Like Home' awards reflects that we all want to be part of our community—a safe place where we are loved, valued and always welcomed. It also reflects that our work is never finished—as we strive toward the values of inclusion, dignity, diversity, accessibility and equality, which guide our advocacy. MGE's support allows us to recognize community heroes in the disability community today and provides critical funding to create positive social change in the future."
Dan Idzikowsk
Executive Director, Disability Rights Wisconsin

Respecting the differences of all people, perspectives and cultures helps us to advance the well-being of our community. MGE supports organizations that advocate for inclusion and provide opportunities and programs to help people reach their full potential regardless of race, disability, gender identity, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Our service area is fortunate to have a wide array of organizations that strive for the equitable participation of all groups in the communities we serve.

Disability Rights Wisconsin

DRW logo

For 40 years, Disability Rights Wisconsin has empowered people with disabilities to live life to the fullest—freeing people from abuse and neglect and helping people gain access to housing, jobs and a quality education in their home community. Through advocacy and legal expertise, Disability Rights challenges systems and society to create positive change and improve the lives of people with disabilities. The agency also works with state and local governments. Disability Rights Wisconsin serves all ages, including people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical or sensory disabilities and traumatic brain injury.

100 Black Men of Madison

100 Black Men

The 100 Black Men of Madison, Inc., are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of area youth, especially African-American males, through mentoring, education, health and wellness. Since 1994, this local affiliate of the nationwide organization has been a positive voice for our community's youth of color. It supports academic achievement and reinforces social responsibility. For example, the 100 Black Men sponsor an annual competition called the African-American History Challenge Bowl. In 2017, the winning team from Wright Middle School advanced to the National Competition and won first place.

100 Black Men logo

Wright Middle School students (front row, left to right) Pawan Baral, Micah Asplund and Jaden Wynn, along with their teacher and coach Bob Kilburg, won the title in the National 2017 African-American History Challenge Bowl, sponsored by 100 Black Men. With the students are local members Amos Anderson, Dr. Floyd Rose, Carl Hampton and Bill Greer. Photo courtesy Paul McMahon

"100 Black Men of Madison endeavors to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create environments where children are motivated to achieve and to empower people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of our communities. Thanks to the support of our community partners, 100 Black Men of Madison continues its commitment to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of our community."
Dr. Floyd Rose
President, 100 Black Men of Madison

Foundation Giving: Youth and Education

Students and EV

Students in MGE's Career Ambassador Program worked with MGE videographer Phil Levin (with camera) to produce an instructional video about operating MGE's all-electric Chevy Bolt for employees. This is one example of the hands-on learning experience MGE provided to the students.

Today's youth represent our community's future. MGE and the MGE Foundation are committed to providing the next generation with energy education for a more sustainable tomorrow. From elementary to college students, MGE provides programming to young people around energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and utility industry careers. We also support local organizations that enrich the lives and expand the minds of young people through science, technology, engineering, math and beyond because education and opportunity fuel a vibrant community, strong local economy and healthy families for our future.

Madison Metropolitan School District

MMSD logo

The Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) works to be forward-thinking by exploring new, innovative possibilities while expanding proven methods for preparing students for success. MMSD's Community Schools program emphasizes neighborhood based collaboration in meeting the needs of its students and their families, including their mental health needs. A budding Behavioral Health program brings mental health therapists into Community Schools to work with families who are unable to access other mental health care. The MGE Foundation also supports MMSD's Innovation Grants, which encourage educators to bring fresh ideas for accelerating achievement and fostering an environment where students can grow to be imaginative, flexible and able to turn new ideas into reality.

"The Innovation Grants have quickly become such a powerful way for us to pilot unique ideas that we truly hope will positively impact practices across all schools in the years to come. At Memorial, we are so thankful for the support to plan and establish a Peace Room, as the anchor for our restorative practices. As a school community, we've been working to shift our culture to be even more focused on relationships and on building a healthy community. Our Innovation Grant has helped make this possible."
Jay Affeldt
Memorial High School Principal

Memorial High School students and staff gather in the Peace Room to explore restorative justice practices. The Peace Room provides a safe place for participants to resolve issues and work toward building a healthy community for the entire Memorial family. Photo courtesy MMSD

Boys & Girls Club of Madison, Centro Hispano, and Urban League of Greater Madison

In 2017, MGE again partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, Centro Hispano and the Urban League of Greater Madison to welcome several local high school students to MGE for our second annual Career Ambassador Program. Throughout their six-week experience at MGE, our career ambassadors were paired with employee mentors in Marketing, Corporate Communications, Gas and Electric Operations, Engineering and Human Resources. They were able to explore various careers in the utility industry and work as a team. Through these partnerships, we're able to work together to prepare our next generation for their next step.

Centro Hispano logo

"The experience my students received through their summer internship at MGE was invaluable! They learned about the many different professions within MGE, gained professional skills and most importantly, they built long-lasting relationships with their mentors. This experience will continue to impact my students' academic and career pursuits."

Maria Paula Gonzalez Niño
Escalera Program Coordinator, Centro Hispano
ULOGM logo

"The partnership this summer between the Urban League 21st Century Careers Program and the MGE Career Ambassadors Program was an important one. Our 14- and 15-year-old students worked hard during the school year exploring different college and career options, and learning work readiness skills. Then, during the summer, they spent 120 hours working, job shadowing and attending skills development classes. These experiences that we are able to provide together open up endless new possibilities for our young men and women. As one program graduate described it, 'I feel like I'm ready for college or for a career today.'"

Ruben L. Anthony, Jr., Ph.D.
President & CEO, Urban League of Greater Madison
BGC logo

"The Boys & Girls Club of Dane County serves more than 5,000 young people every year through its clubs and school-based locations. Our 12,000 volunteers and donors, like the MGE Foundation, make these life-changing programs and services possible for our community's young people. We're committed to preparing our young people to lead successful and purposeful futures — and accomplish their dreams. The Boys & Girls Club students who participated in the Career Ambassador Program learned key life and work skills that will stay with them on their journey to college and beyond."

Skyler Holloway
Former Director of Internship and Employment Experience
Urban League of Greater Madison and MGE

Young people from the Urban League of Greater Madison, Centro Hispano of Dane County and the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County spent six weeks at MGE as part of the company's Career Ambassador Program.

Corporate Giving

MGE Community Education Manager Jim Jenson works closely with schools and others throughout our community in support of local youth.

MGE Corporate Giving

MGE collaborates and works together with hundreds of organizations to provide service, help improve lives, tackle challenges and seize opportunities facing our community. We partner with local stakeholders in a variety of ways to advance shared goals and initiatives. From projects to partnerships, board service to support, we are privileged to work with many others serving our community. Every day we work to be engaged in the fabric of our community, whether it's helping to build a healthy local economy or helping to extend service to those in need. MGE commends all in our community who invest their time, energy and resources to make our area a better place to live.

As your community energy company, MGE is thankful for the opportunity to work with all of our local partners to support their meaningful work. This brief report includes a glimpse into some of those activities in 2017.

Corporate Giving: Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

MGE partnered with camp coordinator Strang, Inc., to serve as one of nine host locations for the weeklong summertime STEAM Camp. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

In addition to our giving through the MGE Foundation, MGE also supports our community through partnerships and collaborations, memberships and sponsorships, and many other activities. With hundreds of local nonprofits, community organizations, institutions, advocacy and other groups, we have many opportunities to partner for the betterment of our community.

Community events, activities and programs bring people together to solve problems, educate, encourage and connect with one another. When we give of our time and support, we help to make our communities strong, healthy and vibrant.

We appreciate all of the opportunities we have to work together with local stakeholders and our customers in pursuit of shared goals for our community. A few of our activities from 2017 follow.

Working with Youth

We collaborate with others on youth-based programs—ranging from providing classrooms with Earth Day sustainability booklets to electric safety demonstrations and energy efficiency curriculum and activities. We also partner with community organizations to offer student internships and career programming for children in middle and high school.


In summer 2017, middle school students spent a day at MGE to experience careers in energy as part of STEAM Camp. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

MGE served as one of nine hosts across the area for the weeklong camp. MGE was pleased to partner in the program, coordinated by Strang, Inc., to give students the opportunity to experience careers in STEAM disciplines.

Campers came from the Urban League of Greater Madison, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County and Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland.


As part of STEAM Camp, the middle school students visited MGE's training facility in Fitchburg where electric, gas, and meter and connection crews train to provide our community with safe, reliable energy.


The students also visited MGE's Blount Generating Station in downtown Madison. The historic building serves as a natural gas-fired power plant.

Future Quest 2017

Future Quest 2017

An estimated 5,300 students attended Future Quest 2017. Mack Walters, a Supervisor in MGE's Gas Operations Department, was one of several MGE employees to volunteer at the event.

Future Quest 2017

Community Education Manager Jim Jenson helps students at Future Quest 2017, a career event for middle schoolers coordinated by the Madison Metropolitan School District and the Dane County School Consortium.

As a participant in Future Quest 2017, MGE employees from Commercial Marketing, Corporate Communications, Gas Operations and Human Resources had the opportunity to talk with middle school students from across our community about energy-related careers. The Madison Metropolitan School District and the Dane County School Consortium partnered to offer this hands-on experience for students to explore different careers. In addition to learning about the energy industry, students learned from MGE employees about new technologies, such as electric vehicles, electric and natural gas safety, and sustainable energy.

Arbor Day

Arbor Day

Shorewood Hills Elementary School students stood for a photo to commemorate the 2017 tree-planting event with MGE in celebration of Arbor Day. MGE's Dave Benforado and Cathy Brodbeck (far right) helped to coordinate the event.

Arbor Day is an annual celebration for MGE and the kids at Shorewood Hills Elementary School. The yearly tree-planting event is part of the village's Arbor Day observance.

MGE helps to purchase the trees planted by the students. MGE Construction and Operations Coordinator Cathy Brodbeck helps to coordinate the event every year.

In addition to the students and MGE, the Village of Shorewood Hills Forester and Hooper Corporation line clearance employees help with the tree planting. We're thankful for the partnerships that help to make this annual educational event and fun community celebration happen.

Promoting Community Wellness

Mens Health Education Center

Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association founder Aaron Perry teamed up with the owner of a barbershop on Madison's west side to bring health information to men from communities of color.

As a community partner, MGE supports efforts to make much-needed resources, like health and wellness information, accessible to those who need it. One example is the Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association, a men's health initiative run out of a barbershop on Madison's west side. With a large grant from SSM Health and funding from MGE, founder Aaron Perry partnered with barbershop owner Jeff "JP" Patterson to bring health information to men from communities of color. The creative partnership garnered a national audience when it was featured on a national network morning program in November 2017.

Fostering Sustainability


Hundreds gathered for Sustain Dane's annual conference, which is cosponsored by MGE and honors local individuals whose sustainability efforts serve to create a "strong community, just economy, and healthy planet." Photo courtesy Sustain Dane

Sustain Dane's website reads, "We believe that change happens when inspired people take action." Sustain Dane's commitment to promoting sustainability throughout our community has long inspired MGE to partner with this local organization in support of their many efforts, such as Badger Bioneers.

The theme for the 2017 conference was "Human(ity)," and it served as an opportunity to celebrate diversity in humanity and in thought while also serving as a forum to bring together people seeking to impact our community in positive ways.

MGE also works with Sustain Dane on its MPower Business Champions program, a nationally recognized model for collaborating with local businesses and others to reduce carbon and advance sustainable practices.

Mentoring Youth


Will Green, founder of Mentoring Positives, honored Linda Ketcham, Director of the Madison Area Urban Ministry, for her strong support and collaborative work with his Madison-based mentoring program. Photo courtesy Hedi LaMarr Photography

In 2004, local resident Will Green founded Mentoring Positives, Inc., an organization dedicated to mentoring our area's youth and building up their families. The mission was inspired by the example of Will's own mother, a single parent committed to supporting her three sons.

Mentoring Positives serves as a referral-based resource in Madison's Darbo-Worthington neighborhood where Will and his staff work to guide elementary through high school students toward a successful path in life.

MGE is proud to support the organization and cosponsor its annual fundraiser at which Linda Ketcham, Director of the Madison Area Urban Ministry (MUM), was honored for her support of Mentoring Positives. MUM, another local nonprofit, offers a range of services for individuals and families impacted by the criminal justice system.

MGE Partners with Big Top Events

MGE partners with Big Top Events (Madison Mallards) in support of Breese Stevens Field, which hosts free family-friendly events such as Catch & Reel, Community Service, a Friday night fish fry and movie series.

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods

Monona Terrace

Joann Kelley, MGE Director of Residential and Community Services, met with attendees at the Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable 2017.

MGE is a longtime sponsor of the Mayor's Neighborhood Conference and Roundtable in the city of Madison. Hundreds of residents, business and community leaders, and members of the nonprofit community attend the workshops and discussions around creating healthy neighborhoods. Topics include: using racial equity tools and data in decision-making; housing trends, challenges and solutions; and other topics such as violence, parks, transit, safety, among others. MGE supports and staffs the annual event, which gives us an opportunity to build relationships with and hear directly from our neighbors, customers and friends.

Supporting Our Local Economy

MGE sponsors events that help keep Madison's downtown a destination for everyone. Downtown is filled with restaurants, music venues, housing, businesses, shops and more. By sponsoring free events, MGE helps keep our city a fun and inviting place to live.

MGE also serves on boards and/or provides support to a number of organizations dedicated to keeping this community's economy healthy and vibrant, including the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Madison, Inc., the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Dane County, Urban League of Greater Madison, Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP), the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB), other local chambers of commerce and many other organizations.

A historic stadium near MGE's headquarters is undergoing a resurgence of activity. MGE is one of the main sponsors of events at Breese Stevens Field. From concerts to bodegas, outdoor movies and athletic events, MGE is partnering to bring events to the Capitol East District for all to enjoy.

Breese Stevens Field

MGE sponsors Día de Futbol at Breese Stevens Field. Día de Futbol helps celebrate the rich and dynamic Latino culture in our service area.

Madison Night Market

MGE was an early sponsor and continues to support the Madison Night Market, a downtown market featuring live music, food carts, craft and gift vendors, and fun.

Madison Capitol Landscape

MGE's roots in the Madison area date back more than 150 years. MGE serves on boards and provides support to a number of organizations that help to keep our economy healthy and our community vibrant.

MGE Employees and Firefighters

Mike Savage and Andy Gilchrist of MGE are both volunteer firefighters with Sauk City.

MGE Employees

MGE is more than pipes and wires. Our dedicated employees embody what it means to serve as your community energy company.

Outside of their jobs at MGE, they play an active role day-to-day in improving our community. Many of our more than 700 employees volunteer on local boards, committees and as members of economic development and nonprofit organizations.

Their service goes beyond ensuring MGE provides safe, reliable energy every hour of every day. We thank them for their deep commitment to our community and its people.

Employee Giving: The Power of Working Together

MGE logo

Our employees are part of the fabric of their communities—giving back, pitching in and stepping up when needed. Most of our more than 700 employees work in the Madison area and others work in southwestern Wisconsin.

MGE's dedicated employees volunteer on local boards, work for nonprofits and help generations from young to old. This report highlights only a small sample of the service of our valued employees who demonstrate a true commitment to our communities and the people who call them home.


Keith Gabrielse, who works in Gas Operations, his wife, Sarah, and their four children have fostered 15 children in the last two and a half years.

Serving as Foster Parents

Keith Gabrielse of Gas Operations and his wife, Sarah, welcome foster children into their family. Their first foster experience provided a safe home for three brothers whose mother had just died from a heroin overdose. With a lot of patience, the Gabrielse family returned stability to the boys' lives before they went to live with their grandmother. This family continues to foster other children—providing a safe and loving home.

Helping Seniors

Helping Seniors

MGE employees Vicky Heinz (left) and Bridget Creighton enjoy getting to know the seniors on their Meals on Wheels route.

MGE employees regularly volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels to local seniors. In addition to serving nutritious food, volunteers help seniors stay independent and provide a daily safety check. Bridget Creighton, in Customer Billing, and Vicky Heinz, in the Customer Center, use their lunch hours to deliver food to senior citizens on Madison's near east side.

Volunteering in Local Government


Mark Oehler is MGE's District Manager in Prairie du Chien. He also works with students as an assistant high school soccer coach.

Some employees get involved and serve in local units of government. Mark Oehler is one example, volunteering to keep Prairie du Chien strong and growing. He works for MGE's Prairie du Chien Natural Gas Division. He currently serves on the Prairie du Chien Zoning Board of Appeals and the Crawford County Local Emergency Planning Committee. In the past, his service has ranged from the Prairie du Chien City Council to Economic Development Corp. Mark also works with youth as an assistant high school soccer coach.

Being a Role Model

With a caring adult role model, many children are more likely to avoid risky behaviors and focus on school. Young people face multiple challenges—having a Big Brother or Big Sister can help them get over those hurdles. That's why Mayra Medrano of Commercial Marketing and Scott Schmitt of Finance are "Bigs." They can make a difference. Big Brothers and Big Sisters work with children in the community, in schools and many places in between. This type of one-to-one mentoring makes an important impact in the lives of children.

Role Model

Mayra Medrano, who works in MGE's commercial marketing department, visits with her little sister, Sanyi.

Role Model

Scott Schmitt, who works in MGE's finance department, takes his little brother, Adrian (center), and his son, Sam, fishing.

Giving Through the United Way

United Way logo

As a community energy company, we support the United Way of Dane County because of its extensive reach in helping our friends, neighbors and customers. The United Way works toward lasting change in our community. MGE consistently ranks among the top 10 companies in total donations to the United Way. In 2017, our generous employees gave more than $172,000 to the Dane County campaign.

Community Leadership

Left to right: Pam Cross-Leone, Senior Customer Center Trainer, serves on the Key Club Council. Jim Jenson, Community Education Manager, serves on the Business Volunteer Network. Jeff Keebler, President and CEO, serves on the United Way Board of Directors. Mayra Medrano, Business Community Service Manager, serves on the Rosenberry Society and United Way Cabinet. Mario Garcia Sierra, Community Services Manager, serves on the Community Engagement and Capacity Building Committee, and May Lor (not pictured), Residential Services Manager, serves on the Advisory Committee.

Community Leadership

MGE employees serve on various United Way boards and committees, helping to set the direction and address the needs facing our community. Several employees, including President and CEO Jeff Keebler, pose in front of a United Way mural, which states: "United Way is about many, many hands coming together to make Dane County a great place to live."

Second Harvest Foodbank

MGE employees pack cans of food at Second Harvest Foodbank.

Seasons of Caring Campaign

The United Way of Dane County's Seasons of Caring campaign gets people involved by offering volunteer opportunities across the county. Working with volunteers, the United Way helps people better understand the needs in our county. MGE's team chose to work at Second Harvest Foodbank, which aids local hunger-relief charities.

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The company's roots in the Madison area date back more than 150 years. MGE's parent company is MGE Energy, Inc., which is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

MGE Electric Services

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