Special Resources

Pedal Power generating tool at a Madison school.

MGE offers the following resources to K-12 educators whose schools are served within our gas and electricity territories.

Educational Tools

The following tools are available to teachers for use in their classroom:
  • Pedal Power (Grades 4+)
    The Pedal Power generator is an educational tool for loan to teachers to use in their classrooms. This hands-on legs-on tool allows students to experience how much human power it requires to produce electricity for a variety of different loads including incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, fans, radio and cup heater. Includes lesson plans.
  • Watt’s Up Portable Energy Meter (Grades 4+)
    A supplemental device for measuring voltage, electricity cost and electric consumption that can be borrowed from the local library.
  • Energy Trunk (Grades 5 - 7)
    The Energy Trunk is available to KEEP course graduates at no cost. The trunk contains materials for five popular KEEP activities (Station Break, Circuit Circus, Cost of Leasing Energy, At Watt Rate and Demolishing Returns) as well as videos and other resources.

For more information

Mario Garcia Sierra 
(608) 252-4742 
Email: eduservices@mge.com

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