Special Resources

MGE offers the following resources to K-12 educators whose schools are served within our gas and electricity territories.

Energy Skill Builder Curriculum

School BooksThe Energy Skill Builder Programs include self-contained, full-color student books covering specific energy topics. Skill Builders can be used as a one- to three-day supplemental energy curriculum component. Each title has a teacher's guide and reproducible quiz. Packaged in consumable class sets of 25. These materials are available to schools served by MGE electricity and/or natural gas. Simply go here to preview materials and place your order.
  • Mouse House Surprise (Grades K-2)
    Mouse House Surprise introduces young children to the concept of electricity through a family of mice when a storm knocks out their electric power. Young Sam and Jody discover that without electricity, they can't turn on the television, lights or other appliances. This unit consists of the "big book/little book" format for teachers and students.
  • The Treehouse Team Saves the Forest (Grades 2 - 4)
    A resourceful group of animals, The Treehouse Team adopts a variety of energy-conservation measures so their village will not have to cut down part of their forest to make room for a new power plant. Includes simple math problems and introduces readers to energy-conservation concepts.
  • Paths for Electricity (Grades 4 - 6)
    Students investigate circuits, conductivity, insulators, short circuits and grounding through hands-on work with batteries, copper wire and lightbulbs. Paths for Electricity teaches students the science of circuits, conductors, grounding and electric safety. Includes experiment packet.
  • Electricity from Wind, Water and Sunlight (Grades 4 - 6)
    Students build working devices to convert wind and water power to electricity. Experiments with a photovoltaic cell are also suggested. Includes a Kit with photovoltaic cell.
  • Safe at Home - Leo Learns About Natural Gas (Grades 4 - 6)
    Students are introduced to important home safety and conservation lessons including physical science principles about natural gas. Safe at Home targets specific science, language arts and mathematics standards.

Classroom Programs

MaGic EnergyAn MGE representative will visit your classroom and present a prepared program, or with enough advance notice, prepare a customized program on an energy-related topic of your choice. Please allow at least two weeks' notice when scheduling classroom programs.
  • MaGicEnergy™ (Grades K - 8)
    MaGicEnergy is a live, 30-minute energy/environmental education program for elementary and middle school students. The show is adaptable for both elementary (K-5) and middle school (6-8) audiences. The fast-paced program combines a strong environmental and energy message with juggling, humor, magic, special effects, storytelling and plenty of audience interaction. 

    MaGicEnergy was created in 2002 by MGE in collaboration with performing artist, Bob Kann, a Madison-based educator and entertainer. "We Need Energy" is the major theme of the program with environmental subthemes woven throughout it to demonstrate the relationship of responsible energy use and environmental quality.
  • Where the Little Lightbulb Gets Its Juice (Grades K - 3)
    Take the mystery out of electricity. This 30-minute program will engage young students in a discussion/demonstration of how electricity is made and how it gets to our homes. A tabletop power plant model with hand-cranked generator is used to simulate electricity generation.
  • Switch to Safety (Grade 4)
    An MGE representative uses a tabletop electric safety model to illustrate and simulate potentially dangerous outdoor electric safety situations. Students will learn what to avoid and how to react to these situations.
  • Pockets Full of Energy (Grades 4 - 6)
    A funny, interactive and entertaining approach to energy conservation. An MGE representative uses an oversized trench coat stuffed with household conservation materials to update students on the value of energy conservation.
  • Green Power Tomorrow (Grades 6 - 12)
    Find out what's blowin' in the wind. MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program offers customers an option to purchase clean, renewable wind energy for their homes and businesses. Learn about MGE's latest renewable energy technology demonstration programs and how they benefit the environment.
  • MGE Solar Partnership (Grades 6 - 12)
    Learn about MGE's Solar Partnership with area schools. Students will learn how to access real-time Web-based data from area photovoltaic electric solar installations and use that data to predict energy production.

Activity and Information Books

We provide a variety of energy-related activity books, coloring books and general information books in class sets.

Conservation and renewable energy titles

  • Pigopolis Coloring Book (Grade Pre-K - 3)
    Young children will enjoy this coloring book that illustrates energy-efficiency lessons learned in the popular Pigopolis video.
  • How to Save Energy (Grade 2 - 4)
    Children can learn where energy comes from and how to save it at home from this popular coloring and activity book. Friendly drawings and puzzles work together to encourage students to conserve.
  • About Alternative Energy Sources (Grade 4+) 
    This booklet outlines renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and describes the technologies involved. Presents the pros and cons of synthetic fuels, hydro power, solar energy, biomass and other potential sources.
  • About Solar Energy (Grade 4+) 
    This booklet describes a broad range of solar technologies including the use of photovoltaics, wind power, biomass, transportation, etc.
  • About Wind Power (Grade 4+) 
    This booklet provides a general discussion about the history of wind power and the benefits of using the wind to make electricity.
  • Let's Save Energy (Grade 4 - 6)
    Students will learn how we get energy and why we must conserve it. Shows how to save on heat and hot water at home; suggests simple experiments that reinforce the message. This fascinating book motivates kids to conserve energy every day! 16 pages.
  • Appliance Cost of Operation (Grade 5+)
    Get a grip on energy costs with this handy guide to the most commonly used electric and gas household appliances. Students can use this handy guide to calculate electric cost of operation and natural gas cost.

Gas and electric safety titles

  • Play It Safe (Grade K - 5) An excellent guide for parents and children that deals with potential electrical dangers such as flying kites near overhead wires or playing close to electrical equipment. This booklet urges everyone to respect the power of electricity.
  • Switch to Safety: Electric Safety Activities Book (Grade 3 - 5) This 10-page activity book features a variety of electric safety activities including word search, home safety search, word scramble and glossary of safety terms.
  • About Natural Gas Safety (Grade 4+) Natural gas is not dangerous—its misuse is. Effectively presents the common-sense safety rules required when working with or around gas-operated appliances. Special section on gas leaks and first-aid tips.

General energy titles

  • Where the Little Lightbulb Gets Its Juice Activity Book (Grade Pre-K - 3)
    The booklet demonstrates generation and transmission of electricity through puzzles, word games and other skill-building activities. This booklet is designed to work with the video of the same title.

Educational Tools

Pedal PowerThe following tools are available to teachers for use in their classroom:
  • Pedal Power (Grades 4+)
    The Pedal Power generator is an educational tool for loan to teachers to use in their classrooms. This hands-on legs-on tool allows students to experience how much human power it requires to produce electricity for a variety of different loads including incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, fans, radio and cup heater. Includes lesson plans.
  • Watt’s Up Portable Energy Meter (Grades 4+)
    A supplemental device for measuring voltage, electricity cost and electric consumption that can be borrowed from the local library.
  • Energy Trunk (Grades 5 - 7)
    The Energy Trunk is available to KEEP course graduates at no cost. The trunk contains materials for five popular KEEP activities (Station Break, Circuit Circus, Cost of Leasing Energy, At Watt Rate and Demolishing Returns) as well as videos and other resources.


School ToursTours for grades 5 and up can be arranged for most MGE facilities. Our most popular tours are MGE's Blount Generating Station and West Campus Cogeneration Facility. Tours typically take between 60 to 90 minutes for groups up to 25. Please arrange at least two weeks in advance.

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