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As your community energy company, MGE recognizes its responsibility to preserve and protect the environment while serving our communities with safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. We are proactive and forward-thinking in our stewardship and promote sustainability with our partners, suppliers and employees as we work together to build a cleaner, smarter future. 


A message from Jeff Jaeckels, Director of Safety, Sustainability and Environmental Affairs 

Jeff Jaeckels, Director of Safety, Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Madison Gas and Electric
Thank you for your interest in MGE’s 2023 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report. Our commitment to environmental stewardship goes beyond regulatory compliance. Our team in Safety, Sustainability and Environmental Affairs takes a proactive approach to advancing the culture and continual improvement of environmental, safety and sustainability practices throughout our organization. Safety and sustainability are top priorities at MGE. This report highlights how we focus on our sustainability goals and our performance. 

Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy
In pursuit of our mission and in support of our commitment to those we serve, MGE: 

  • Complies with all environmental laws, regulations, permit requirements and other corporate environmental commitments and exceeds compliance as demonstrated by the commitments in this policy. 
  • Seeks environment-friendly options and waste minimization when considering sources of supply, material and contractors. 
  • Considers the environmental impacts of applicable company activities and seeks sustainable, cost-effective ways to reduce adverse environmental impacts and risk. 
  • Sets corporate goals and objectives and fosters a culture of continuous improvement in environmental and employee safety performance. 
  • Educates employees about MGE’s environmental responsibilities and policy and communicates and reinforces environmental values throughout the company. 
  • Provides regular updates on environmental and sustainability initiatives and performance to MGE’s Board of Directors to advance oversight and transparency of company operations. 
  • Explores opportunities to advance new, cost-effective technologies for the benefit of all and to reduce the community’s collective environmental footprint. 
  • Partners with community stakeholders to promote environmental education, energy efficiency and conservation. 
  • Communicates openly and honestly with the public regarding MGE’s environmental policy and performance. 
  • Contributes to the well-being of its communities through charitable and corporate giving and the service and volunteerism of employees. 
wind turbine

wind turbine and prairie

MGE electric vehicle

Monarch butterfly caterpillar


  • MGE has a goal to reduce carbon at least 80% by 2030 as we work toward achieving net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. As of year-end 2022, MGE has reduced carbon emissions more than 39% since 2005, our baseline.
  • Since fall 2015, when our Energy 2030 framework was announced and through year-end 2022, MGE has announced clean energy projects that we expect will increase our owned renewable capacity by more than nine times upon completion. MGE expects additional renewable energy investment beyond what has been announced as of the date of this publication.
  • MGE set a goal to achieve net-zero methane emissions from our natural gas distribution system by 2035. Our strategies for achieving net-zero methane emissions include enhanced leak detection and repair, implementation of cost-effective technologies and processes, and the introduction of renewable natural gas to offset residual emissions.
  • MGE continues to transition away from coal-fired generation. By the end of 2030, MGE expects coal to be used only as a backup fuel at Elm Road Generating Station. By the end of 2032, MGE expects to have eliminated coal as an energy source.
  • MGE is partnering on an innovative, first-of-its-kind in the United States long-duration energy storage system that would be capable of providing more than 10 hours of energy storage, if approved by state regulators. Known as the Columbia Energy Storage Project, the 20-megawatt (MW) project was selected in fall 2023 to receive a federal grant.
  • Working with residential customers through our smart thermostat demand response program, MGE Connect®, MGE is able to better understand the role and impact of smart devices in managing demand on our community grid. During the 2022 season, nearly 3,500 participating households lowered demand by nearly 3 MW each hour during some of the events that were initiated to manage demand.
  • MGE has developed several electric vehicle (EV) managed charging pilots to control EV charging remotely to better correspond to the needs of the electric grid.
  • MGE continues to add cleaner vehicles to our fleet, where possible. We are targeting a goal of 100% all-electric or plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles by 2030.
  • Our Environmental Management System evaluates, prioritizes and manages environmental risks across all company operations, allowing for a consistent and comprehensive approach to reducing impacts and to furthering continuous improvement.
  • MGE continues to increase our efforts to provide habitat for monarch butterflies and pollinators at our facilities. We are taking inventory of what habitat we have planted and planned at our solar sites and are looking for opportunities to expand native plantings where it makes sense.

This report includes forward-looking statements and estimates of future performance that may differ from actual results because of uncertainties and risks encountered in day-to-day business. 

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