Energy equity and affordability

Energy affordability, or energy burden, is important to MGE. It is an issue that we have been working to address and that we will continue to address and manage as we transition our energy supply to cleaner sources. We’re working to achieve greater sustainability and to manage long-term costs by growing our use of carbon-free, renewable energy, which carries no fuel costs and serves to reduce rate volatility and manage long-term costs into the future.

With approximately a billion dollars in investment in clean energy expected from 2015 through 2028, renewable energy will play a significant role in helping to achieve our goals of at least an 80% reduction in carbon by 2030 from 2005 levels and net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. Some of these renewable projects are already generating cost-effective, carbon-free energy for the benefit of all our customers.

A foundational objective in our Energy 2030 framework for a more sustainable future is ensuring all customers enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of our ongoing clean energy transition. By 2030, we expect every MGE electric customer will have 80% fewer carbon emissions from their electricity use simply by being an MGE customer. By 2050, we expect all MGE electric customers will have eliminated their carbon footprint associated with their electricity use simply by being an MGE electric customer. 

As the conductor of our community grid, we work to build and to manage an increasingly dynamic grid and to maintain its safety, security, efficiency and affordability for all our customers. When making new investments in cost-effective technologies, we work to enable a seamlessly integrated and efficient electric distribution grid to meet our obligation to provide safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy for the benefit of all our customers.

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