Report from the Community Energy Workshop

In April 2016, following an unprecedented community engagement process involving input from hundreds of customers, MGE held a Community Energy Workshop, hosted by the respected facilitation firm of Justice & Sustainability Associates. At the Workshop, about 200 community members and leaders engaged in deliberative dialogue about MGE's Energy 2030 framework, new products and services, and community engagement. Participants also were welcome to share feedback unrelated to the topics presented during the three facilitated discussion rounds. The Workshop resulted in more than two thousand comments. This short video takes a look at the Workshop.

Analysis of Input

MGE held its Community Energy Workshop to generate additional guidance in implementing our Energy 2030 framework. Since the Workshop, we have been engaged in a thorough and meaningful analysis of participants' comments to ensure we're able to put community input to use as we move forward under Energy 2030.

Thousands of Comments

Here, you will find all of the two thousand comments generated by those who gave of their valuable time and sincere effort in sharing their input about our community's energy future—our community's needs, priorities, values, aspirations and realities. Out of respect for the process and the energy participants invested in it, we conducted a comprehensive review of the data. To all of our customers, we have listened. Many of you have engaged directly with us. We've heard you and we hope you join us in working together to advance shared goals.

To that end, as a result of our analysis of participants' comments, we have assembled a report that MGE will use to help guide how we will work with you, our valued customers. The report is available below and is organized by the broad themes that emerged during the analysis of participants' input. This is part of a larger and extensive engagement process that continues to inform our collective future.

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