Energy Use in Multifamily Buildings

For non-multifamily businesses (e.g., offices, grocery stores, etc.), try our Building Energy Use Comparison For Businesses

MGE provides comparisons for multifamily buildings in our service area using actual metered energy use and costs. The charts on this page show the energy use. See cost charts.

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Heating & Cooling Types
  • ASHP
  • Air-Source Heat Pump
  • Central Chiller
  • Central Chiller
  • Hydronic
  • Boiler, Water Heat
  • Closed Loop Water-Source Heat Pump
  • Elec Res
  • Electric Resistance
  • Steam
  • Boiler, Steam Heat
  • Other
  • Different than heat sources above
  • Room
  • Room Air Conditioning
  • Split
  • Individual Split Air Conditioning

See more information about how you can compare your rental property to those on the chart above.