Multifamily Building Comparison Tool

The amount of energy used by multifamily buildings in the Madison area varies widely. Multifamily buildings cost as little as 74 cents per square foot to as much as $2.15 per square foot in one year* We've learned that building size and age don't usually significantly impact these numbers. But heating system type and building condition can.

Range of energy costs per square foot for Madison-area multifamily buildings.

$0.75/sq ft
Where does my
building fit?
$2.15/sq ft

How does your building compare?

With a bit of information from you, MGE will compile your energy use information and show you how your building compares to others in the greater Madison area. See the results in dollars per square foot or as energy use per square foot, and sort the data by:

  • Total energy,
  • Heating or cooling energy, or
  • Non-heating-and-cooling energy.

Provide the extra information and apply for a comparison. Note: MGE respects the privacy of your information and will not show the identity of your building to others.

* The details

After you provide your information, MGE will send you a site number to enter on the following pages. Your information will then be inserted into these charts so you can see where your building fits.

Cost charts     Energy Use charts

For more information

If you have questions or would like more information, please email Brian Driscoll.