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Quick quiz

My family plays video games all the time. I'm concerned about the energy use. What can I do to cut the cost?

Video game consoles use a substantial amount of electricity and can offer great opportunities for lowering your utility bills. How do you reduce the waste? The best thing to do is simply turn off your video game console whenever possible. Another good option is to enable the automatic power-down feature already built into your device. These features are often disabled initially, so you have to activate them yourself, but they can save tons of energy without negatively affecting your gaming experience.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consume three to four times more energy than the Wii U. The Nintendo game consoles have historically drawn less power than the Sony and Microsoft consoles, and the latest Nintendo model continues the trend as the most efficient of the available options.

Almost half of the electricity that video game consoles use happens when no one is using them.

For more information:
Natural Resources Defense Council brief on video game consoles [263 kB PDF]
Appliance Energy Costs [558 kB PDF]

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