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Quick quiz: Are LED bulbs really worth the extra cost?

Prices for LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are lower than they've ever been. LED bulbs can last up to five times longer than any comparable bulb. Because of this, you can't just look at the initial up-front price of the bulb. You also need to look at the cost to operate the bulb over the longer period of time. As with a lot of things, spending a little more today can often lead to substantial savings in the long run.

Focus on Energy is offering up to a $4 instant discount on each ENERGY STAR® qualified LED bulb at participating retailers. Instantly receive your discount at the register, without completing or mailing any forms. In Madison, shop at these retailers-

2102 E. Springs Dr.

430 Commerce Dr.

Sam's Club
7050 Watts Road

The Home Depot
2425 E. Springs Dr.

The Home Depot
4550 Verona Road

4198 Nakoosa Trail


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Lighting brochure
Participating retailers in other Wisconsin cities

Not sure which lightbulb is right for you? Watch this from ENERGY STAR to help you select the bulb that will best work for you. See it here.