Tips to control your energy use

Woman considering energy-saving tips

Start working with no- or low-cost actions and involve employees in finding ways to cut energy use. Request a free energy audit from MGE for more energy-saving recommendations tailored to your business.

Track your energy use

Your energy use history is available to view or download at You can easily track your cost savings from making energy efficiency improvements.

Energy webinars


Seventhwave, a trusted expert in energy leadership, has a library of webinars on energy efficiency. Their vibrant learning experiences are free to view. Take some time to browse through their catalog and see how you can become more energy efficient.

Review your operations

Use timers, sensors and programmable setback thermostats to control lighting and other equipment, especially during on-peak hours. A building energy management system may further reduce operating costs. Consider shifting some operations to off-peak hours or scheduling routine equipment tests during off-peak hours.

Unplug or turn off lights and other equipment when they aren't being used.

Clean and maintain equipment

Good maintenance practices can reduce operating costs and are a smart investment. Regular service and cleaning of big energy users – heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment – can save up to 15% of system energy use and prolong equipment life.

Invest in efficiency

New energy efficient equipment and technologies can reduce your energy use while increasing productivity, convenience and comfort. Look for ENERGY STAR® ratings for appliances and office equipment. Consider adjustable speed drives to improve motor operations and reduce power demands.

To arrange for a free energy audit, call an MGE account manager at 252-7007.